A GOP congressman stated so many Republican voters now

A GOP congressman stated so many Republican voters now


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Crowds collect outdoors the U.S. Capitol for the “Cease the Steal” rally on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC.
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  • GOP Rep. Peter Meijer has warned that the QAnon motion may destroy the GOP from inside.
  • Meijer stated “a big plurality, if not probably a majority” of GOP supporters believed in QAnon.
  • Meijer is one in all a small group of GOP lawmakers who’ve taken a stand in opposition to QAnon.
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GOP Rep. Peter Meijer has warned that the rise of the QAnon conspiracy idea motion may destroy the Republican Social gathering from inside

in remarks to CNN bitcoin .

Meijer is one in all few Republicans who’ve spoken out in opposition to the rise of conspiracy-theory-driven

beliefs amongst a swath of the GOP grassroots. He was one in all solely 10 Republicans within the Home

who voted to question Donald Trump for inciting the Capitol riot on January 6.

“The truth that a big plurality, if not probably a majority, of our voters have been deceived into this creation

of an alternate actuality may very nicely be an existential risk to the social gathering,”

Meijer, a freshman congressman from Michigan, advised the community.

Peter Meijer
Peter Meijer
GOP Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan stated lawmakers are taking new precautions amid fears of violence following President Donald Trump’s second impeachment.
Jeff Kowalsky/Getty Photographs

The QAnon motion emerged from messaging boards 4chan and 8chan,

to be adopted and promoted by Trump allies on

the far proper because it unfold by the Republican Social gathering. A Republican congresswoman, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Wooden of Georgia, pushed the conspiracy idea earlier than her election final yr although in latest weeks has claimed she doesn’t imagine in it.

Adherents declare, groundlessly, {that a} Satanic cabal of Democrats and Hollywood stars secretly manipulate world

A GOP congressman stated so many Republican voters now

occasions and run little one trafficking networks. They revere Donald Trump as a savior determine, who will dismantle the cabal.

However the perception of adherents that Trump would halt Joe Biden’s inauguration and defeat his foes in a day of violent reckoning has did not materialize, and Meijer warned that the dispair may gasoline political violence.

“After we say QAnon, you may have the form of excessive types, however you additionally simply have this softer, gradual undermining

of any shared, collective sense of reality,” Meijer stated. He advised CNN that conspiracy theories gasoline

“extremely unrealistic and unachievable expectations” and “a cycle of disillusionment and alienation”

that would lead conservative supporters to not vote or may even result in extra violence just like the January 6 assault.

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger is one other GOP congressman who has publicly criticized the motion and has fashioned

a PAC to battle the rise of conspiracy theories within the GOP and supply backing to anti-Trump Republicans dealing with major challenges.

He advised CNN that the QAnon motion may gasoline battle: “Do I feel there’s going to be a civil conflict?

No. Do I rule it out? No. Do I feel it is a concern, do I feel it is one thing we’ve to be anxious about? Yeah.”

Within the wake of the Capitol riot, a small group of GOP lawmakers has referred to as for the social

gathering to distance itself from Donald Trump’s legacy. In an op-ed in January, Republican Sen.

Ben Sasse of Nebraska warned that QAnon was destroying the GOP.

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