BREAKING NEWS: China reveals plan to dominate the crypto world!

BREAKING NEWS: China reveals plan to dominate the crypto world!

China has just officially announced the launch of its government-backed cryptocurrency. It is the first world nation to go full crypto. This is an unprecedented revolution in the making. As in the times of the gold rush, the ones that will be the first will get access to insane wealth.

This coin has been secretly in the making since as soon as 2013. It incorporates all of the best solutions from every viable crypto, from Bitcoins security to DEFI extremely cheap transactions, including all the potential of NFTs.

BREAKING NEWS: China reveals plan to dominate the crypto world!

As it has shown, China can disrupt world markets and be the leader and pusher of new technologies. It indeed became the world’s power leader, and experience has shown that following their lead makes you colossal money easily.

crypto world
crypto world

You missed on Bitcoin when it was under 1$? Here is your chance to hop on the to-the-moon launch today!

China was one of the first nations to use and industrially mine Bitcoin. It is a known fact that more than 60% of crypto mining operations are located in China. It all points to that China has been fully invested in transition to a pure-crypto operating nation. All before today was a mere glimpse of what is coming in the future.

Because we are now only at the launch, the price is insanely low. Compare it to Bitocin in 2011 when it was under 1$. This coin’s potential is unbelievable, so if Bitcoin is now 58.000$, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make huge money literally in moments at no work at all!

It is no speculation! This coin will be used widely. We already know China will be ditching the dollar for this coin as the leading world export and import trading currency.

crypto world
crypto world

“There are few opportunities that offer such exponential gains at almost no risk. This is an investor’s wet dream! Amazon is fully invested, and the strategy to approach the Chinese market relies on this new technology.” Jeff Bezos, Amazon

BREAKING NEWS: China reveals plan to dominate the crypto world!

Now China will convert all its power used to mining and accumulating Bitcoin to its new official coin.


Imagine the insane amount of computing power, the dedicated infrastructure, and the blow to other cryptos. This has been a master-plan in the making and now will be unveiled to the world.

No nation has been planning its take on crypto as they have. Till today, a well-guarded secret that was accomplished by an insane amount of cunning.


That will now allow a new world order, with China at its point-forward.

Do you even comprehend what is on your hand? Grab this opportunity, change your life, and be in the front row seat of the world’s financial restructuring.

The value of such an early best-off investment is unimaginable. To let you have a feeling of what your gains would be if you invested 1,000$ 5 years ago in;

Bitcoin: $139,498

Shopify: $39,977

AMD: $28,236

Etsy: $23,776

Square: $17,630

Nvidia: $15,153

Tesla: $13,740

PayPal: $6,043

Amazon: $5,551

Netflix: $5,068

Apple: $4,531

Microsoft: $4,214

Salesforce: $2,937

Google: $2,753

Facebook: $2,594

And now you are here, offered a multiplicator of the best-listed investment in even less time. Maybe it is hard-to-grasp, but it’s real, don’t let it slide by!

crypto world
crypto world

All major exchanges have already announced the offering of China’s Coin. Only here can you get a set uninfluenced-by-demand price. You are guaranteed moments after the listing, the price will just skyrocket!

China will at one point sell all its Bitcoin and ICOs and throw this founds and mining power behind China’s Coin.


Imagine the amount of money behind and the drastic rebalance in the crypto world. This will be devastating to others but make this coin the one that will rule them all.

Who will you be dealing with?

YuanPay Group is a leading Chinese crypto management and wallet organization around the country and the globe.


They are the only officially approved and controlled legal crypto platform in China.

YuanPay Group was created in 2010. Since then, they’ve been working with banks and other organizations to legalize crypto trading in China and developing relations with external investors.

They proudly announce that they were chosen to manage and organize China’s Coin sales for this latest crypto development.


A result of years of hard work, but China’s financial infrastructure is about to change forever.

The Investment Potential of China’s Coin is Absolutely Unmatched!

First government-approved cryptocurrency – No other crypto has ever been approved and cooperated with by a government, not even Bitcoin. Once most coins have been exchanged, economists expect the price increase to be unparalleled, with early adopters set to reach record profits in the crypto space.

Cryptocurrency is the future of money; according to more and more people wordwide – Cryptocurrencies are set to play a significant role in our financial world’s future. Those that don’t start early are going to be the ones who struggle later.

A small investment of less than 200$ currently buys you 13,888 coins – The current price of one of official China’s Coin is 0.018$.

crypto world
crypto world

Crypto is taking over the world, imagine it as the new internet, and you will understand its true potential!

Need to know more?

Authorized Cryptocurrency Trading License – YuanPay Group has the official and confirmed crypto trading license, which guarantees users the best prices and safe storing of coins. In fact, they’re the only company in China that has the legal precedent for selling these coins – you won’t currently find anyone else offering them!

NO FEES – YuanPay doesn’t charge any fees from any trade.

Top Tier Software Management Tools – They’ll help you change any currencies in a matter of minutes to get started with your purchase of China’s Coin.

Bank Approvals – We work with all major financial institutions, ideal for our users who want to quickly and easily get their funds transferred directly to their bank account.

This is the fastest cash-producing machine in history – You’ll likely see more about its fundamentals on CNN, NBC, and Fox. You might even read about it in the USA Today, Time, Fortune, and your local newspaper.

How to grab your opportunity?

This process is so easy! Just follow the steps below, this is how I did it, and you can do it. No high-end knowledge is needed, no learning seminars, invested time, just an initial small investment, and let the ride to wealth begin. Why complicate when the best things are always the simplest?

crypto world
crypto world

The first step is to fill out all the details. As you can see, nothing complicated so far.
crypto world
crypto world

BREAKING NEWS: China reveals plan to dominate the crypto world!

In the third step, you are taken to the purchase page and fill out your details.

The whole process is simple. I even received a phone call from one of YuanPay Group’s friendly agents for additional support. But I didn’t really need any help. If you do need more help or information, they will gladly sort you out.

After finishing the sing-up, literally around 4 hours, I rechecked my wallet and to my surprise:

crypto world
crypto world

BREAKING NEWS: China reveals plan to dominate the crypto world!

In only 4 hours, the price increased from ¥0.12 to ¥0.31. At this point, I was positively surprised. I am not selling my coins because all the experts predict that the price will rise to at least ¥9,192.63 per coin in months.

YuanPay Group was kind enough to give us a 100% accurate coin movement price counter, so everyone can see the increase directly on this page.

With a story of this nature, the news seems to be breaking every so often. I’ll be sure to update the article if needed.

P.S. Understand that all this is possible due to the strategy of China for mass critical coin adoption.

When a network is launched, people are needed to adopt it, not capital. Thus, China kept itself some of the profit to boost and speed up this coin’s adoption. Rare are those who do this, but the result will be unbelievable!

Final Thoughts!

In this day and age, there are lots of ways to get rich. Some require effort and work. Still, some get you an insane amount of money at almost no work. This is definitely the second one, an investment backed by the world’s top manufacturing country that, when it sets its sights at something, achieves it by any means necessary.

crypto world
crypto world

Some are already publicly shouting out it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, don’t miss on it!

Hop on today! If you will not, see you in 5 years when you will be doing all your eBay and other purchases by this coin.

Yes, you will be banging your head against the wall because you saw it and did nothing!


Do not repeat the misfortune when you did not buy Bitcoin or the best ICOs! Yes, that was a golden egg opportunity! But if that was a golden egg, consider this an easter bunny special egg on steroids.

Due to extremely high demand, there are only 100 spots left. Applicants will be accepted on a ‘First come, first-serve basis.’

All major companies are now putting them in line for China Coin full adoption; Amazon, Tesla, Shopify, Apple, Google, Walmart, Alibaba, eBay, Samsung, Sony, Toyota, VW, MARSK, etc. Truly a revolution in the making, and we are only in the baby steps of it.

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