Android Auto finally supports…

The Android Auto platform is a popular alternative abroad for the infotainment capabilities already built into modern cars. The Google system brings the car apps installed on the smartphone to the screen. This is actually about replacing in-car functions like navigation, dialing, playing music, displaying messages, and the like with those we know and are familiar with on Android mobile devices.

However, with the latest update, the Android Auto platform has become much more useful. This now allows the user to select the phone card they want to use. Until now, the user could only use the phone card that was set as the default on the user’s phone. Freshness is available with v7.1.614554 or later, and is currently only usable in the United States. Soon, of course, this option will be available to other users around the world.

The new Android Auto platform brings the user other useful options. Among all this, it is worth noting the possibility of receiving a call from both phone cards in the phone, if the user has them. Thanks to this, the Android Auto platform has gained a lot of ease of use.

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