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CoRE2. tl; Dr

  • The second safeguards for reactors will begin on Tuesday, November 9 at
  • It will last for a week, similar to what happened with the first board. There will be no rush to vote and you can change your vote at any time.
  • There are 45 CoRE2s in total. This new group of reactors consists of candidates for the first safeguards event that did not reach “ignition”, to which some new additions have been added.
  • The new nominees are: APWine (APW) Gro DAO (GRO), Index Coop (INDEX), Wrapped Terra (LUNA), Perpetual Protocol (PERP), Popsicle (ICE), Shapeshift (FOX) and Temple DAO (TEMPLE).
  • TOKE, Uni LP, and Sushi LP tokens in their respective collections of will be automatically assigned to an address that will act as an “envelope”, which will contain the sounds that you can customize. This way, users will be able to vote for one or more token reactors.
  • During the week, new TOKE, Uni LP and Sushi LP can be added for more votes.
  • You can vote for as many reactors as you want.
  • To save fuel, the vote confirmation process will be done simply by signing, and there will be no need to issue a transaction.
  • You can change the customization of your votes at any time until the event ends. (Changing votes means asking for the signature option again in Submit Votes – you can find more information below).
  • If you staking part or all of a TOKE / Uni LP / Sushi LP in staking during the week, your votes will be proportionately reduced or negligible.
  • Bonus for voting in CoRE1.: If you keep a TOKE, Uni LP, or Sushi LP in the stake from the end of the first CoRE until the beginning of CoRE2, your votes will default to the token reactors in which the first House of Representatives voted and they were not elected. Also, these tokens will get more custom sounds. If that’s the case for you, you’ll receive a bag of pre-configured votes with the following rewards:
    • TOKE tokens that have been stored since the first CoRE event and are eligible to vote will have a ratio of 1:6. This means that each of these tokens will allow the owner to get 6 votes.
    • The vote multiplier will be applied to own the Uni LP and Sushi LP tokens. The owner of each Uni and Sushi LP token will get 69 votes (about 8 votes for each TOKE in the pool).
    • The TOKE token in the scrow will be able to vote in this case, however, the voting power for each token will only be one vote. This allows you to assign more voting power to the community (you can read more about this point below).
    • The five projects with the most votes will be the nominees at the end of the event. The Tokemak team will contact the DAOs for these projects to collaborate on the reactor’s “ignition” event.

CoRE2. Token Reactor Candidates

Remember to check the evolution of the vote throughout the week. If everything says that the project you voted for doesn’t stand a chance of being in the top five, you might want to consider changing your vote to an alternative that might have more options.

Navigating the user interface and voting process

When CoRE2 is up and running, you can find the voting section on the CoRE tab at the top of the web. You will receive a preconfigured voting pool if you have a TOKE, Uni LP or Sushi LP staking at any of the pools. This number of votes available in your assigned bag reflects your voting power. You can always stack more TOKE or LP tokens to get more votes, but remember that the interface may take more than 15 minutes to update the available sounds.

The bar showing assigned and unassigned sounds will still be visible on the screen when you scroll the web to see the reactors. The “Submit Votes” button records the votes you entered in the voting field that appears next to each reactor. When you click Submit Votes, an event will be triggered in your wallet to make a signature, and your votes will later be saved to a database on the Polygon Network (note: you don’t need to switch to the Polygon Network in Metamask at any point).

Changing or reorganizing votes always requires that you make a new signature with your wallet to record the votes entered. For example, the Remove All Votes button (right below the Submit Votes button) will zero the voting fields in each reactor and recompose your votes. If you do, you can change all of your votes to zero and overwrite the vote you made earlier. Remember that if you make changes, you have to press the “Send votes” button again for the changes to take effect.

When you assign votes to a reactor, you’ll see how the number of votes not yet assigned changes in Your Voices, just below Total Votes. This number (“your votes”) represents the total number of votes you have assigned that will be recorded in the voting process.

The Remove Votes button just below the text field on each Reactor resets the votes for that Reactor, so the custom votes (if any) will be available again in Your Voices to be assigned to another chief. However, remember that, as explained above, if you do this to change your vote, you must press the Submit Votes button at the end for your changes to be recorded.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you withdraw TOKE tokens from the stake or withdraw liquidity from Uni LP / Sushi LP pools during the voting phase on CoRE2, your votes will also be disqualified from the voting event. Make sure to stay on the line until the voting event ends to secure your vote.

Bonus for CoRE1 votes: If you have kept a TOKE, Uni LP, or Sushi LP at stake from the end of the first CoRE voting event until the beginning of the CoRE2 voting event, your votes will continue to be assigned to the token reactors by those you have voted on before. You will receive a new Voice Bag, which is customized to match the information we provide below. These rewards are for CoRE1 votes. The appendix will appear in the “Votes Cast” column.

Development! Voting results

Finally the results of the new reactors were as follows! Congratulations for the projects that succeeded. It was a process where we were able to see how a website like Votemak played an instrumental role in encouraging these voices.

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