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Chess is a game with a noble history, estimated to be played by about 600 million people around the world. It is also very popular in Slovenia, where it has been around for centuries, and has been played by over 100,000 people. Also among them is our excellent chess player, Laura Unuk, who this year became the first Slovenian chess player to hold the title of international master and who, thanks to her successful games and other activities, is interested in popularizing chess in Slovenia. Together with the team, Laura has also prepared the first comprehensive online chess course in our country, which is intended for beginners and experienced players alike. as a software option Chess with Laura’s grandson In Slovenia, it is available exclusively to subscribers of the NEK Telekom Slovenije platform on all screens – TV, Internet, NEO mobile application.

Program option Chess with Laura’s grandson Available as of December 3, in the first season of the online or . Instead, a nine-part video series about Laura reveals the secrets of the game of chess. From history, basics and psychology to more advanced chess elements such as openings, attacks, defenses, swaps, endings and analysis of winning games.

»I decided to take the online course because I want chess to be recognized and popular. Above all, I want people to see a deeper meaning in chess and to realize that chess is not just a recreational game. The mentioned online course is something unique, there was no such course in Slovenia. Through this course I want to encourage younger generations to play and possibly create a future chess expert. Cooperation with a company like Telekom Slovenije means a lot to me. Sports like chess, unfortunately, are not among the most popular, so chess players find it difficult to attract the attention and support of adults or. successful companies. That is why I am very happy that Telekom Slovenije has realized the potential of this noble sport. Together we will raise Slovenian chess to a new higher level, « indicated at launch Laura’s grandson.

This is how Laura Grandson reveals the alluring secrets of the royal game, which has also won celebrities such as Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Ludwig Beethoven, Isaac Newton, Bill Gates, Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Ray Charles, Ben Affleck, Abraham Lincoln and Leonardo. DiCaprio and many others.

Program option price Chess with Laura’s grandson €2.99 including VAT per month.

More about chess with Laura Unuk at: http://ts.si/sah-laura-unuk

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