I don’t peg you with Hacienda by the FIFO

If you have experience in this field and should manage your cryptocurrency with Hacienda, you have probably seen the term “FIFO” before.

FIFO is the usual term for inventory management or legacy control gesture, Hacienda’s elegance system for calculating the price of any cryptocurrency.

What does FIFO mean?

FIFO, by its English and connotation, is important “First in, first out”; It is said to be the first thing sold. It is a communication method used to calculate cost of sales (COGS).

As your name suggests, the FIFO factory that The unit is oldes decir, la primera que compraste., es decir, la primera que compraste It’s the first thing you have to say At the moment of sale or Cedar Albin.

Why al calculant la ganancia siempre debes basarte en el precio de coste acquisition NS Older ones that have “stock”.

In other words, FIFO estimates your “stocks” in a function of the price at which they will buy the most cryptocurrencies

De Quo debo tener en mente cuando gestiono la informacion de mi FIFO?

Dado que este es The method used by Hacienda To calculate the cost of our cryptocurrencies to support feature import, it is important that we identify the key variables that influence FIFO to act to comply with our legal obligations.

One example of a place We will be aware of the initial cost of each crypt Which in our case, y Register debidamente.

Luego, mission que tengamos en cuenta el The number of units (BTC, on the other hand) to be entered and sold y la fecha en la que cada transacción sucede.

With these great points, we can score a helping hand that helps us understand how good FIFO is in financial impacts.

This what does that mean?

We also have some examples of how Hacienda’s FIFO has been affected by your basement.

example 1

Supongamos que, in April 2018 it was decided to entrar al maravilloso mundo de las cryptomonedas i aprovechando las bajadas de precio, adquieres 10 BTC en Binance.

As dictated by first sight, there is nothing better than that, decide retenerlas en caso de que surjan buenas Opportunidades de cambio a futuro.

In April 2021, you will receive 100 million euros in bitcoin, which is less than the equivalent of 2 bitcoins. You have to pay 10 BTC and you have 12 BTC.

Now you have to change the 2 BTC that DAI has stopped.


En ese cambio, los BTC que salen en la transacción son para Hacienda parte de aquellos que compraste en 2018, no en 2021; Which means FIFO method. This shows the acquisition price, Hacienda traces, from 2018.

Al realizar esta transacción de cambio, es importante que recuerdes que a efectos de Hacienda, siguiendo el método FIFO, el BTC que estás cambiando no tiene el valor de los 2 BTC que adquiriste en 2021, sino BTC el que de los ya que fueron estos los primeros en entrar en tu cartera y deben ser los primeros en salir cuando se realiza una transaction.

Aunque transmitiste los mismos BTC’s que obluviste en préstamo nos aplica hacienda el precio de los más antiguos.

We present another text:

2 . model

In 2015, buy 300 bitcoins at the same price the next day, and distribute them evenly in three different changes:

Since the market is very volatile, decide to keep 100 BTC positions on exchange C intact, but to dedicate and sell frequent times with exchange A and B, at the point of understanding more than 200 BTC initials that you have between las 3 exchanges, a la vez que hacías compras deiversas cantidades.

For a moment, okay. Ahora te pregunto, ef a efectos de Hacienda, Spend 100 BTC in exchange C?

The answer is S.

Follow FIFO, currently in the previous two BTC sales, and consume BTC; It is located on a different exchange for the merchandise for sale.

But this is not acaba aqua…

Let’s see what il FIFO affected by your cryptocurrency with independence from almacenadas Or operas with despair.

No ban, how can I not have money You can break FIFO to Quedar “hodleado” dejando a hacienda “muda”.

How do? with grit.

Want to learn more about how to buy FIFO with co-op cards? In our nearest article.

Pablo Vikai He is a consultant in cryptographic planning. As of 2017, we need code by code with companies and professionals around the world to plan and track the best results, create safe and smart strategies for planning crypto investments and optimize the financial burden. You can contact Pablo en LinkedIn Q Eun Soo website.

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