ICOM token sale. Registration is open! | Crypto

ICOM token sale. Registration is open! | Crypto

The countdown begins for the official sale of ICOM Token, scheduled for 1Q 2022 (maximum open date March 31) It is now possible to register on the whitelist for a place before starting, and/or to reserve the purchase in advance (in purchases equal to or over €5,000).

Remember that we are negotiating with various leading exchanges, to start selling with them in the IEO,

(Initial Exchange Offer) which is why there is no closed date at the moment,

but iCommunity agrees not to postpone it until after the first quarter of 2022 and the intent is to have As soon as possible.

Places to buy will be very limited, which is why we’ve enabled pre-registration in the iCommunity whitelist,

to make the process easier and give you more options to buy. In addition, you will earn the first 50 ICOM (10€) for validating your data and being part of the community.

Follow the steps below to register and activate your account.

  1. registration in: https://icommunity.io/icom/whitelist/
  2. Enter your profile and verify your identity from your account in less than a minute.
  3. Upload a scanned copy or a clear photograph of your ID, both sides and a current photograph. It is a safe and fast process.

You will win 50 ICOM (10€)!

And follow us on the networks, complete the steps in the bonus section and get another 25 ICOM (5 €) extra!

Don’t want to wait for an IEO/ICO? Do you want to secure your purchase now?

Due to the high demand and the low supply for sale (only 20 million tokens),

we have made it possible to pre-book a small percentage of the offer, in purchases equal to or more than 5,000 euros,

so that the most committed users can not be left with the project. Write us an email to: [email protected] with the concept “Advance Purchase Reservation” + Purchase AmountWe will contact you to provide you with more information.

🚨 Don’t leave her for the last day! 🚨

The ICOM icon, is an essential and essential point for the operation of the iCommunity BaaS platform, and will be the link to improving,

enabling and making the business models of all companies and users of the ecosystem more scalable.

The goal of this Selling services by codeThe transformation of companies, professionals and private enterprises in any sector will be encouraged and accelerated.

The ICOM iconIt will facilitate and promote the adoption of blockchain technology in all types of projects. The utility of the token will grow based on the new use cases of the iCommunity platform, its partners, and customers.

Also, we want to remember and thank the ICOMmuniters community, the huge success of the pre-show a few weeks ago,

With everything sold (one million dollars in ICOM tokens) in record time.

It exceeded the success of the campaign internationally, raising great expectations in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem, which led to increased demand for the next sale.

Do you have more questions? Contact us at [email protected], and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

Thank you for joining the project. The journey has just begun! 😃🚀

iCommunity Labs Team.


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