iCommunity Labs sells its token in record time…

iCommunity Labs sells its token in record time…


icommunity- News about cryptocurrency
icommunity- News about cryptocurrency

The technology, pioneering BaaS, (Blockchain as a Service) has become the first Spanish blockchain technology platform

to sell its native token to decentralize and scale its services.

The success of the campaign has surpassed internationally,

with buyers from 54 countries, raising great expectations in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem, and being the main champion of the official position of the Community of Madrid companies, at the latest edition of the South Summit 2021.

The flagship WTO split into two phases and ended with a grand total of $1 million. The ICOM token is an essential and essential point for the platform’s operation, and it will be the link to improving, strengthening, and making the business models of all companies and users of the ecosystem more scalable.

The objective of this tokenized pre-sale of services will be to encourage and accelerate the

transformation of companies, professionals and private enterprises in any sector.

“The success has been phenomenal. ICOM token will facilitate and enhance the adoption

of blockchain technology in all kinds of projects. The utility of the token will grow based on the new use cases of the iCommunity platform, its partners and customers.”

Miguel Angel Perez, co-founder and CEO of iCommunity Labs commented.

The next stage of public sale will open in 2022, and registration is now possible on its website, https://icommunity.io/icom.

About iCommunity Labs:
Blockchain as a service technology platform, so that all kinds of companies can apply blockchain

technology to their projects in a simple, fast and economical way.
ICommunity’s clients include related companies such as Estrella Galicia, AENOR and Logalty.


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