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Anyone who has approached the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies will notice the vast amount of information and various projects out there related to the blockchain.

It is very easy to be surprised at how many different concepts there are in this ecosystem of ecosystems: different blockchains, layers, bridges, liquidity pools, agriculture, challenge, NFTs, gaming, privacy, scalability, DAOs, governance…

There are hundreds of concepts around which projects listed in the cryptocurrency market are bundled together that make it virtually impossible to keep up with everything and make informed investments to take advantage of the expansion that the sector has experienced in recent years.

All of this, along with deregulation and the speed with which things change within the ecosystem, explains the boom in automated investment systems such as those developed by Quance, a software company that specializes in developing automated trading and smart investment tools.

These systems, which automatically make investment decisions on behalf of users, not only save investors time, but are also able to do what the average person cannot do: scan the market in milliseconds, analyze huge amounts of information and run hundreds of markets simultaneously.

This type of investment system is very easy to use and anyone can do it, and it allows small and medium investors to participate in the cryptocurrency markets without having to spend time and always keep the funds in their possession,

This is essential, as Quance’s systems are delivered as a service from the cloud and directly to the user’s account on the exchange, so investors always keep the funds in their possession, without obligations or ties, and available at all times.

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