Restalia and Bit2Me, Pay with Cryptocurrency in 100 …

Restalia and Bit2Me, Pay with Cryptocurrency in 100 …



Restalia, a new restoration company, and Bit2MeThe cryptocurrency platform has just launched a pilot project that allows customers of the 100 Montaditos Foundation in the La Vaguada shopping center in Madrid to pay for their drinks with virtual currencies. Both companies are founded in Spain and are benchmarks in their respective sectors of activity – recovery and cryptocurrency -.

Restalia and Bit2Me, Pay with Cryptocurrency in 100 …

Restalia Holding, with brands like 100 Montaditos, La Sureña, The Good Burger, Panther Organic

towards an alternative ecosystem that cannot be stopped because of the great acceptance it has among the people.


characterized by virtual currencies, a sector like us that says it never stops growing in users. . Customers who choose to pay for their drinks in this way will be able to do so with nearly 70 different virtual currencies, among which are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana or B2M, the token of the Bit2Me platform, among others.

With this project, Restalia’s innovation division intends to study the feasibility of paying with virtual currencies

to respond to the demands of a large and ever-growing population, a project it has been working on for months. Bit2Me has contributed its vast knowledge and experience in the crypto world – it has just raised €20 million with its token – so that Restalia can successfully achieve the goal.

“We are constantly working and studying the systems of the future,

and our goal is to be able to use technology to our advantage and study new ways to provide

the best possible service to our franchisees and users” Ana Martinez, Director of Restalia, says:

“It is important to be able to verify the mechanisms and operation of this type of digital payment to

ensure that it is an advantage for both the consumer and franchisees. For us, our entrepreneurs must always

Restalia and Bit2Me, Pay with Cryptocurrency in 100 …

the ultimate goal being to provide them with progress and benefits “.

Andre Manuel, COO and Co-Founder of Bit2Me, confirmed that “The world is changing towards a new form of payment,

The companies that now understand and work in this direction are the companies that will be leaders in

their sectors and will be at the forefront of innovation”.

Restalia, the best way to do it


Restalia Holding – 100 Montaditos, Cervecería La Sureña, The Good Burger, Panther Organic Coffee and Pepe Taco

– is a leading Spanish catering company whose brands have revolutionized the sector. It has been innovating in

the hospitality and leisure industry for over 20 years, introducing new concepts in Spain that have been successful

and replicated by others in the market.

Restalia offers the most flexible franchise models of the highest quality in an intelligent cost format that responds to

new consumer demands. 


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