Synology in the new year 2022

Synology today unveiled the next generation of on-premise and cloud solutions. Announced operating systems DSM 7.1, Surveillance Station 9.0, SRM 1.3, and major updates to cloud storage services C2 Backup, C2 Identity, C2 Password, C2 Storage, and C2 Transfer. In the presentation, Synology demonstrated new and exciting features for each individual product with significant improvements in user experience, reliability, and scalability across the board.

local solutions

Managing large amounts of data

DSM 7.1 will provide easier file management and improved file sharing capabilities while offering multi-channel support for SMB and DFS. Multi-site businesses can take advantage of Hybrid Share, a solution powered by C2 Storage, to reduce bandwidth limitations and simplify collaboration. Combined with Synology Drive’s single file portal and redesigned mobile app, workgroups have complete control over their data, regardless of location.

For system administrators, more users and devices shouldn’t mean higher management costs. Active Insight, a cloud monitoring and troubleshooting service with DSM 7.0, has been upgraded with additional features. You can now monitor Hyper Backup tasks from any device directly from Active Insight, ensuring that backup jobs are never forgotten. More details about system updates and application analysis highlights important information.

New bandwidth control capabilities and an expanded set of triggers in Active Backup for Business, as well as support for virtual DSM deployment in MailPlus, provide more tools for IT teams to simplify system operation. DSM 7.1 will also introduce support for a comprehensive backup of the DSM operating system, providing administrators with another way to protect and restore entire Synology devices.

Faster, easier and safer

Surveillance Station 9.0 has an advanced user interface that allows users to access all the tools they need faster than ever before. The new Control Center, with a convenient start-up and alarm control system, centralizes all important resources. Better integration of maps means that it is also possible to effectively monitor facilities in multiple locations, providing security teams with accurate information and graphical representations that simplify action when every second counts.

With the new Connection Wizard, setting up the cameras is much easier. With the ability to import and copy settings, hundreds of cameras can be installed in minutes.

Central Management System (CMS) improvements, including flexible device upgrade options, simultaneous dual logging, and HTTPS/SRTP support, simplify installations that can now be performed more securely.

The new Synology C2 Surveillance service will enable home and business users to simultaneously and securely capture CCTV footage in the C2 cloud. With less than five seconds of footage lost, C2 Surveillance will ensure that footage is always available, even in the event of a catastrophic event or theft of an on-site system installed.

With the new NVR DVA1622, Synology’s suite of advanced forms of AI-based monitoring, such as face recognition and human counting, are more accessible in convenience store or home environments. The DVA NVR series, along with Surveillance Station 9.0 software, has the ability to recognize license plates.

Multi-GHz wireless networks, VLANs, and more

The SRM 1.3 operating system, combined with the new Synology RT6600ax Wi-Fi 6 router, delivers faster networking and greatly expands network management capabilities. SRM 1.3 is equipped with full VLAN support via an easy-to-use interface that can be used to partition and separate your devices, including IoT sensors and other potentially insecure tools.

The RT6600ax tri-band router is one of the first to support the expanded 5.9GHz spectrum, providing more space and uninterrupted operation for 160MHz devices. The 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port provides support for a faster network and Internet connection.

The revamped DS Router app brings almost all the capabilities of SRM management to the smartphone. Creating new wireless networks, configuring parental controls or web filtering, setting up traffic control systems, and a host of other useful features are just a few touches away.

This is not all…

Synology has also announced research and development for Scale-out file servers to meet even greater demands, whether in terms of performance, service availability, or management needs.

Cloud solutions

Safe cloud for everyone

The recently introduced C2 Backup, Identity, Password and Transfer solutions are stand-alone services to solve specific IT challenges in a simple and accessible way.

C2 Backup simplifies backing up business-critical devices and data, even for remote teams. Backing up your entire device along with a convenient file-level recovery method via an easy-to-use web portal ensures fast and flexible data protection.

C2 Identity replaces traditional directory services with a secure, low-latency hybrid approach, with C2 servers providing management, SSO services, and locally installed LDAP nodes for local servers and devices intended for intranet use only. Built-in Windows and macOS device management capabilities give administrators the tools they need to protect their users.

C2 Password makes it easy and convenient to manage passwords for all users. The service is free for individuals and costs $4.99 a year to share the password between up to six accounts and with no restrictions on the number of connected devices.

C2 Transfer makes it easy and secure to share sensitive files with external users. In addition to authentication, C2 Transfer encrypts all files locally, ensuring that data does not fall into the wrong hands, even if shared connections are unsecured and exposed.

Synology is constantly adding new features to C2 services, increasing the usability and scalability of the on-demand service without overwhelming users with maintenance. A number of potential storage locations—including a new data center in Taiwan that was recently added to those in Frankfurt and Seattle—allow officials to maximize compliance with local data storage regulations. In 2022, Synology also plans to introduce a C2 Object service, which will be dedicated to storing S3-compatible applications.

event details

The Synology 2022 AND BEYOND demo, which took place on December 2, 2021, can give you a more detailed explanation of these and many more features. Visit


Synology DSM 7.1 and Surveillance Station 9.0 will be presented to the public in the first quarter of 2022.

SRM 1.3 will be introduced alongside the new RT6600ax router, which will be available in the first quarter of 2022. Support for RT2600ac and MR2200ac will be added in the second quarter of 2022.

More detailed information on other features and services will be available later. For further questions, we are at your disposal: [email protected]

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