Tesla allows you to buy through the screen in …

Tesla allows you to buy through the screen in …

buy through the screen

Today, there are more and more electronics and screens in cars,

through which we find out what is happening with our steel horse,

and at the same time we are connected to the World Wide Web,

listening to music or watching movies. Tesla stands out among the electric car manufacturers. Users can now activate additional vehicle functions via the built-in display.

Tesla called the new option “Upgrades.” This is an option that allows Tesla electric car users to purchase additional features directly from the screen. In practice, this means that it is no longer necessary to take the car to an authorized service center for a new option, but the user can do it himself. The whole process is very simple.

The purchase of additional options via the car screen is currently only possible for Premium Connectivity subscribers. The subscription package includes, among other things, Spotify streaming music services and real-time navigation maps. Additional

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