The iconic Nokia 3310 turned into a cake

Today, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, celebrated its fifth birthday. To this end, a highly realistic cake of the famous and iconic Nokia 3310 opened in red.

HMD Global is a Finnish company responsible for manufacturing Nokia phones, including the very popular Nokia 3310, and new rugged smartphones, including the Nokia XR20, designed to live all that life has to offer.

The Nokia 3310 life-size cake took 40 hours to make, and it was created by world-renowned dessert artist, Michelle Wibow. The inside of the cake is made of chocolate biscuits and vanilla buttercream, and the famous Nokia 3310 sturdy box is made of sugar crust. Each button is cut and shaped to perfection and added separately.

In 2017, HMD Global re-introduced the Nokia 3310 with a modern twist to the delight of Nokia brand enthusiasts around the world. The specially designed user interface gives a new look to the classics, but of course it has everything you would expect from a Nokia phone. Long-lasting battery life, durable design, and legendary snake gameplay.

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