Turkish Airlines and iPROM with paid data …

Turkish Airlines and iPROM with paid data …

Airlines and iPROM with paid data …

Turkish Airlines, in partnership with iPROM, has achieved impressive sales of airline tickets. In an online advertising campaign, Turkish Airlines wanted to offer a direct flight connection from Ljubljana Airport to Istanbul.

Earning data usage and advertising technology

Using the iPROM DMP (Data Management Platform) solution, iPROM analyzed the behavioral patterns of digital media users and identified the target group of potential passengers who would match the target destination during the planned campaign period.

In iPROM, analysis of behavioral patterns through machine learning was enriched with data from previous advertising campaigns conducted for Turkish Airlines.

which achieved profiles specifically selected for this campaign, which in the past had already interacted with the airline’s

commercial content, as well as new profiles with features that were a potential passenger of the destination

during the period The time limit for the campaign.

With advertising display until sale sale

The landing website with the option to buy an airline ticket directly was visited by 39 percent of all airline ticket buyers directly through display ads.

The incentive through display advertising,

with which we reached 90 percent of the specific target group of the Turkish Airlines customer,

as well as the activation of purchases through specialized airline ticket search engines during the campaign itself.

During the digital advertising campaign,

Turkish Airlines came close to pre-pandemic results in terms of the number of tickets sold,

when travel was booming, and sold all available seats on planes.

Data-driven display advertising,

where we addressed representatives of the target group across both mobile and desktop devices (multi-channel targeting),

Gregor Grozel, Marketing Representative at Turkish AirlinesHe said of the successful advertising campaign:

“The aviation sector is facing one of the most difficult periods of its existence in light of the Covid-19 epidemic.

That is why Turkish Airlines, in cooperation with Ljubljana Airport,

decided to highlight the sale of airline tickets for flights to Turkey and wished for excellent results.

The sales results, thanks to online advertising, are almost exactly close to the results of the pre-proof period,

which is a wow. Thanks to iPROM for making this possible with our advanced tools! “

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