Which Android has the most…

Today, Android mobile devices are already made by thousands of different manufacturers. Most of them, of course, can be found in China, where there are quite a few companies that make cheap but powerful Android smartphones. The problem mainly arises when manufacturers do not prepare updates for their products, which deprives users of new features and security updates that are essential to data security.

Not surprisingly, it is currently still the most popular Android 10 platform, which was officially introduced in 2019. It is powered by up to 26.5 percent of all Android mobile devices in the world. Fortunately, the latest Android 11 is not far behind. This is currently found in 24.2 percent of all Android devices in the world. The latest version Android 12, which was introduced recently, is not included in the statistics. At the moment, it is only installed on a few mobile devices.

In third place is the Android 9.0 Pie mobile operating system, with 18.2 percent of mobile devices equipped with it. It is followed by Android Oreo with 13.7% and Android Nougat with 6.3% of the market share. Fortunately, the old Andorid Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat and Jelly Bean operating systems are installed on only six percent of all mobile devices.

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