New York tops the list of smart centers of the world

New York tops the list of smart centers of the world

New York tops the list of smart centers of the world

The Z/Yen Index examines the ability of global destinations to become hubs for new technologies based on factors such as innovation support and “intensity of innovation.”

New York again takes first place in the latest Smart Centers Index (SCI), which assesses the ability of the world’s cities to become “hubs” for the development of new technologies.

In the fourth edition of the Index (SCI 4), published by business think tank Z/Yen Group, New York took first place, pushing London, the former leader, by just one point. Also, New York remains the only US center in the top ten.

leadership positions

SCI’s leading centers are located in places that combine an innovative cultural center and a high-performing university sector, all backed by cutting-edge regulatory,

business and financial services.

plus New York, Hong Kong and Singapore from the Asia-Pacific region.

Surprisingly, the American and Chinese centers are not as high in the index as expected,

given the scale of technological development that is reflected in the leading position in patent applications,

with China leading the United States in this measure.

Looking at the dimensions that make up the SCI, US centers generally rank lower in “innovation intensity” than the overall rankings,

and China and other Asia Pacific centers score lower on “innovation support,” including regulations, than regulations. dimensions.

The top ten SCI 4 also includes Oxford (3rd), Cambridge (4th), Hong Kong (fifth), Singapore (sixth) and Copenhagen (8th), which joined the index for the first time and were replaced by Ten Geneva.

New York tops the list of smart centers of the world

Technology and science are changing our attitude towards the world.
The speed of innovation increases with the increase in connectivity.
The increasingly successful centers of the world are those that cultivate, develop,

and care about technologyProfessor said Michael MainelliCEO of Z/Yen.

These smart centers are formed into four groups, namely the very powerful UK,

North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

We still have a lot

We expect China to appear soon. Policy makers realize that

narrow technological areas, such as financial technology,

are not enough and that they need to rethink how to build a smart,

knowledge-based economy. We still have a lot to learnand” he added.

Smart Centers Index – SCI

SCI is a factor assessment index that combines several useful factors – measurements of data obtained from various data providers around the world

– and assessments by business and financial experts of the three dimensions of innovation and technology in major business and financial centers:

  • Innovation Support – An approach to organizing and supporting the innovation and technology industry provided by the commercial ecosystem
  • Performance capacity – the quality of work done in the center

These quantitative measurements are provided by organizations including the World Bank

, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the United Nations.


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