Improving the efficiency of the robotic vacuum cleaner

Some may not use the smart robot vacuum cleaner management app because it makes it easy for you to press the button to start sweeping their body. Yes, you are, but you lose a lot. Let me explain why?

You may not be very good at using apps on your smartphone because you tried them once and found them too complicated. Don’t let bad experience hold you back when searching for iRobot app, as few of them are very simple and easy to use. Do not be afraid to do anything wrong because you simply cannot, but with its help you can significantly improve the cleaning effect. The more advanced iRobot Roomba models produce a very accurate room plan after only two rounds, maybe even floor plans for each floor, helping them to learn and absorb better, as well as to help or manage them via the smartphone screen practically from anywhere!

Tell him where he should not go

Each has one or more corners, and it is better if the robot does not enter them. Some are permanent, others are episodic. Perhaps there are containers with food and water for your pet or a Christmas tree, which will soon be in place again. Maybe the third. It doesn’t matter why you want to prevent the bot from going there, it’s important that the constraint is easier to draw and change to the floor plan in the app rather than surrounding areas with physical barriers or using virtual wall hardware. All you have to do is open the app, select the floor plan editing function and enter, change or remove the restricted area. For example, when you want to format it, a red rectangle appears on the screen, you move it to the desired location and adjust its size. Since the floor plan width can be zoomed in and out at will, the area can simply be adjusted so the robot will still be able to suck wherever it is, while not entering the surface where something could go wrong. And most importantly, delete it easily and, above all, quickly when you no longer need it. On the next suction, the robot will act as if the restricted area did not exist before.

When we change, the dwelling changes. Once we add something to it, we remove it the second time. Among these are also those that the robot may damage or capsize, so it is very convenient to always have the ability to determine where it can move and where we simply do not want to see it. However, it is through the application that controlling this is unreasonably simpler than ever.

Stay one step ahead of dirt

When the robot creates the floor plan of the dwelling, it is actually trying to detect the individual rooms. It is very effective in this and often enough just to name them. But even if this is not the case, it is easy to correct potentially different perceptions of the surroundings by using tools to delineate and integrate floor plan surfaces in rooms. You will wonder why you should do this at all. The answer is clear. Because you will have a greater impact on his work. You do not always want to clean the entire apartment of it. Mostly indeed, but not always. Then you will easily send him to one or more selected rooms, into which he will find his way.

The same is true for another very useful feature. Instead of restricted areas, we can select any surfaces on the floor plan that are also interesting for occasional or regular cleaning. For example, the perimeter of the dining table. The procedure is also very simple in this case, except that this path is a blue rectangle. We move it to the right place, set the size and name it. Then you will be able to send the bot to suck there exclusively if you wish.

Let the robot run when it’s least annoying

Now it might be the most important of all. Design operating scenarios. What is the price? In addition to the basic, “sucks everywhere”, more detailed. For example, “clean the bedroom” so the robot passes through the master bedroom and children’s rooms or “after lunch,” a scenario in which it will be asked to sweep around the dining table and kitchen cabinets. The only limitation is the needs, which differ for each user and place of residence. So you know best what you really need. The process, like all operations so far, is understandable and simple. For the new scenario, select the rooms or suction areas from the list provided by the application.

Once the scripts are done, it turns into a series of actions. The beauty is that you can (almost) forget about the robot vacuum cleaner, but you’ll always come back to a clean home. The app allows you to operate the bot remotely if you want or need it. If you remember. Wouldn’t it be better for a robot to know when its action is being commanded? Like anything else, the design of his schedule is very simple. Select the days and hours and define the scenarios. It makes sense that the robot sucks when no one is home, so it won’t bother anyone. How many times a week did we receive, if possible every day. Only in this way will the iRobot Roomba fulfill its mission – to fight dirt and keep it clean.

always be up to date

We have described the functions that we consider very important and have taken the use of a robotic vacuum cleaner to a new level, but the purpose of the application is much broader. The robot is connected to the Internet via a home wireless network so that it can be controlled remotely and from where it receives software updates as needed. For this reason, iRobot puts a lot of effort into security and privacy, so it uses the highest security standards and encryption techniques. There is no danger of the bot breaking into and harming you in any way. The application will satisfy curiosity as well. If you wish, you can view the suction history and other information available there. It will also notify you if there are issues like the trash is full, or if the robot stumbles on something you forgot to remove from the floor while working and stays in place. Such notices are never superfluous.

The iRobot app for smartphones and tablets is part of the iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, regardless of the model, it depends only on the features provided. Only with its help you can squeeze everything that a home assistant can do. You can use it without it, but in this case you consciously abandon the functions that in many ways will make your life easier.

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