“Sparovchik” for adults – a storehouse of energy

Do you remember the good old savings with the hole on top, into which we tossed hard coins as kids? We weren’t waiting until we could unpack it and buy something specific. Now that our children have saved their first money, we have new, bigger and above all different savings – the ones in which we store energy.

Why do you have an energy store in your home or business?

It simply pays off, but in the future it will pay off even more, of course, in combination with the photovoltaic power plant. Today there is a relatively affordable net metering system, which works like this: You transfer electricity from your power plant to the grid, and take it from them when you need it. If you create an energy surplus, you get nothing for it, but if you use more electricity than you transfer to the grid, you only pay for the difference between the electricity consumed and the electricity transmitted. Unfortunately, new legislation is being drafted in this area. You will still be able to send electricity to and from the grid, but you will pay all contributions, including grid fees, for all power, power you produce yourself and power you receive from the grid. This will make the bill you pay much higher, as network fees, production fees, and taxes are related to energy consumption. Thus the net scaling will be significantly less favorable.

Ready for the future

However, there is another promising change in energy bills. There are now two types of tariffs. We call them day (which is higher) and night. In the future, we can count on many units of account in one day. And electricity will obviously be more expensive when we use it the most, ie in the morning before leaving the house, and in the afternoon when we get home. We are convinced that the purchase of an energy storage device will pay off much sooner than today’s calculations show. Only when the electricity from the network is the most expensive, you will be able to consume it from your storage.

The fruit of Slovenian knowledge

MOON Store is the fruit of Slovenian ideas and knowledge. Porsche Slovenia offers a full range, from an electric car and its smart charger to a photovoltaic power plant and energy storage. The latter was developed with Slovenian experts from Mežica TAB. It is true that we used to make savings, and today it is a savings account that we call it. There are many different options on offer, from a storage tank for home use with a stock of 10 or 15 kWh of energy and an output power of 5 kW up to three phases with a capacity of up to 30 kW of urine output power of 9 kW. Its height varies from 150 to 180 cm, and its width is just over half a meter. Best of all, it is not deep, being only 40 cm deep. So you can fit a well-designed storage tank practically anywhere.

You can find more at moon-power.si.


If you’re of the older generation, you probably remember AA batteries. Always emptied when it was least convenient. Of course, first with the advent of rechargeable AA batteries, later with the batteries in phones, laptops and now in cars, all of that has changed dramatically. More than a century of battery-making experience is also used in the MOON storage tank. Its chemistry is very safe, reliable and durable. These are lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (for chemical lovers: LiFePO4). That’s why TAB and Porsche Slovenija dare to offer a ten-year warranty. Promise up to three thousand charge cycles for the MOON tank.

battery cycles

Most people think that one cycle is taken into account each time they use a battery. this is not true. One cycle counts from a fully discharged battery to a fully charged battery. In practical terms, this means something like this: if you have a battery with a capacity of 10 kWh, use 4 kWh, which is 40 percent of one cycle. Therefore, three thousand cycles is too many. It’s simply at least 30,000 kilowatt-hours of energy (or 30 megawatt-hours), maybe more, but we’ll see that in the coming years. And at this point, it is impossible to calculate how much money you will save with this in ten years, because it is difficult to imagine the price of electricity during that period. But in all probability, it will not be less.

sun and battery

The sun rises in the day and that’s not good news, because when it shines you are not at home. So when a power plant is doing better, it doesn’t do you much good. In the case of combining with a provider, you can easily use this energy when you need it. A combination of a rooftop solar plant and an in-stock storage tank is certainly ideal. All these announced astronomical price increases, changes in legislation on calculating energy consumption, and even threats of cuts will seem insignificant to you in this case. You will be practically self-sufficient. In Slovenia, you can count on the power plant to run at maximum capacity for at least a thousand hours a year. And when you think about all this, you’ll likely come up with a calculation that you’ll find almost incredible.

the computer

Above all, the guarantee of self-sufficiency and price is invaluable. When you pay off the system (under the favorable financing terms offered by Porsche Leasing), you will get electricity in practice and in theory for free. And of course, you do not need to have the capabilities of the AlphaZero supercomputer from Google to calculate the investment eligibility and investment cycle. They do it for you easily and conveniently at MOON, given your family’s consumption today.

The charger is also equipped with a powerful computer that knows a lot. So you don’t have to worry about what’s going on with it, the grid, the solar power plant etc. Electronically, storage is ready for the future, when the billing and collaboration systems between your network and your home are more complex than they are today.

More about 080 88 46 and moon-power.si.

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