You know what your call center should be…

Today, user experience is everything and more. With poor user experience, even this good solution is simply not accepted by users. Therefore, the best solutions are those that, despite their complexity, are simple and accessible anywhere and anytime.

The call center should not be a burden to the company, it should be a solution that improves customer support and brings the level of communication to a higher level.

Ncontactcenter – for all kinds of business

Ncontactcenter is a flexible solution that supports enterprise operations and helps optimize incoming and outgoing communication channels. This way, you can always tailor your call center services to your customers’ needs to ensure their satisfaction. At the same time, you can adapt it to the needs of the company and ensure employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees mean a successful company – and the cycle is closed.

NFON Ncontactcenter is for all types of business, the cost of the service is pay-per-use, so you’ll never pay for something you don’t need or don’t use. In addition, you will always and everywhere be available on one phone number. Perhaps you have a solution in your company that is difficult to maintain and outdated? The Ncontactcenter solution also includes free maintenance and continuous system updates. Another thing you won’t have to worry about anymore.

Available anytime, anywhere, on any device

Ncontactcenter is the solution for Cloudyo, NFON’s cloud call center. What does this actually mean?

NFON Contactcenter was not built only with the user in mind. It provides a consistent user experience on all channels, available anytime, anywhere and on all devices – computer, tablet or smartphone. You will always be able to have it with you.

However, if you are concerned that it will be difficult to integrate into the company’s other advanced systems, these concerns are also unnecessary. The Ncontactcenter API enables easy integration with CRM, PLM and ERP solutions. You can increase your outbound activities with automated campaigns that take into account incoming traffic and your business priorities.

NFON solutions are not designed to complicate your life, quite the opposite. With Ncontactcenter, everything will become easier and more efficient.

Email, Chat or Whatsapp – all in one place

Be it email, chat or popular Whatsapp, you can use NFON Ncontactcenter for everyone. The app can also check all interactions, their numbers, and when you are connected to anyone at any time. Additionally, you can check how long you have been using a solution.

Ncontactcenter also provides daily reports for each channel, which include average event count, response time and a host of other performance indicators, broken down by agents and groups, ensuring a consistent level of service across the organization. More about NFON’s Ncontactcenter solution can be found here.

* Microsoft Teams is a trademarkMicrosoft group of companies

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