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The latest update to Petal, the official search engine on Huawei smartphones, introduces a number of new features and a multi-device experience to allow us to find more.

Huawei has introduced a new version of the Petal search engine, the default search engine in the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem. Designed for a convenient and intuitive multi-device experience, it not only brings a new look, the update introduces a number of new features for more efficient searching and an improved experience for multiple devices. With this, Huawei confirms its commitment to providing cognitive search capabilities that greatly improve the ways we explore the world and allow us to easily find what interests us. This is one of the reasons why HMS mobile services are getting more and more popular. It is already used by more than 730 million users.

“The continuous improvements to the Petal search engine reflect our commitment to increasing search performance based on technological advancements, making it more flexible, smarter, and more secure, while providing a seamless user experience,” he said. Head of Business Development at Huawei’s Slovenian branch said, Urus Miklavić. “The latest update is also in line with the commitment to build flawless AI-enhanced lives and enrich the ‘1 + 8 + N’ strategy for a fully integrated smart world in the 5G era.”

Home environment with many innovations

The new version of the Petal search engine offers many new and easy-to-use features, while the updated search experience ranks at the top of the list of changes in terms of importance. In the web version of the search engine, we can immediately go to our searches from the browser’s address bar (URL) with a single touch. So finding anything is simplified. Your past searches and detailed search history are available in the new “Recent” tab. To make searching for history as simple as possible, each entry is marked with the time and day it was created.

Huawei has made a number of other improvements to the Petal search engine to help the user with their search preferences. The latest version brings a “Back” icon on every search results page to get back to the home page faster and above all easier. The Petal search engine creates a new page for each query so that we do not lose our progress and can perform several searches at the same time, which greatly improves its efficiency.

Additionally, the search engine initially recommends search queries based on location and search history in order to deliver personalized results through the nearby search feature. The search feature in the app has also been upgraded. Ratings are displayed vertically in different tabs, which improves their visibility. With the latest update, you also get access to very useful features like ‘Collection’ and ‘Translation’.

The improved Petal search engine also features Zen Mode, which removes tabs at the bottom of the page as you scroll down, providing an in-depth user experience, plus some other UI updates, including smoother page switching and an increase in the size of the search results list. At the same time, they are organized in the form of cards with more contextual information, which encourages user participation.

Improved local search options

Petal search engine features several completely new key features that take the user experience to the next level. Next to the For You tab is the Smart Neighbors tab, where you can find local search results for various categories, including shopping, food and drink, attractions, and more. The feature allows you to quickly search the area, which helps us and at the same time offers business support to local partners.

More opportunities for cooperation between business partners and users of the Petal search engine are provided by the “Messages” function, where we receive notifications and promotions from local companies. We both benefit. Companies can reach customers, while we find service providers in our area that we may not even know about.

The Petal search engine update also includes a “Petal Assistant” tab that allows you to view calendar information and read recommendations in the “My Day” and “Moments” categories. The first category includes a series of information cards that simplify the organization of the day, including setting up reminders. However, reading recommendations are a link to personal interests or current location. Petal Assistant is also available as a voice assistant for easy, hands-free search.

At the same time, Huawei introduced an online version of the Petal search engine, which enables powerful web searches regardless of the operating system and browser. The online version is similar to the app, offers the same features and is designed for maximum device compatibility.

What do you have there!

Personalization is a big theme in the new design of the Petal search engine, so in addition to updating the search engine and convenient features, Huawei has completely redesigned the home page. For example, the updated page of the For You tab is equipped with new features and sections that allow you to find what you are looking for in a very short time.

Just below the address bar (URL), the Search Channel section is populated with a variety of icons. Each one redirects us to a channel where we find the information we want. In addition to basic categories such as travel, news and entertainment, it offers support for select partners such as, AliExpress and the BBC. In this way, we can easily access the information and content they provide in applications or online services with a simple left or right click.

As visual search is becoming increasingly popular, Huawei has improved its image search capabilities. The tool is able to find the desired image or image based on interest and behavior, and also displays those that are similar in appearance to the current results, which increases the search efficiency several times. In addition, the Petal search engine offers to display shopping ads among the image search results in order to support its partners in this way.

Next up is News Box, which is filled with search queries based on your browsing history and clicks on web links. This also helps to search faster. There is also a dedicated news source, presented in an endless moving list, that we are up to date with daily happenings at home and in the world.

Easily search for apps, news, photos and more

Search Engine Beta provides improvements and updates for an improved user search experience as well as a whole host of new features. However, its development is not over yet. Huawei will continue to develop the app in the future to help us easily search for apps, news, photos, content or other services. A new version of the search engine is available for Huawei mobile users in the AppGallery.

An online version of the Petal Search Engine is available at

New Huawei devices

You will also find the Petal search engine in the latest Huawei nova 9 and Huawei nova 8i, which have exceptional prices of €499 and €349 respectively. In addition, Huawei recently introduced a premium series of Watch GT 3, MateBook 14s laptop and curved screen MateView GT, which will soon be available in Slovenia.

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