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Where are the times we’ve used social media to post vacation photos and describe important life moments? Those times are gone, and today networks are flooded with videos, live broadcasts, and stories. This makes it difficult to create video content that is different and stands out in something. Fortunately, technology has advanced tremendously and has turned the smartphone into a handy tool for recording creative videos. So check out how the various shooting modes of the new Huawei nova 9 smartphone can help you get creative.

Online video content prevails

The popularity of video content is increasing. This will be the case in the future as well, with up to 80 percent of users stating that they would rather watch a video than read a blog.[1]. Advertisers have observed this shift in consumer behavior over the years, and today video is at the fore in content strategies[2]. According to official data, we upload more than 300 hours of videos to YouTube every minute, and the Instagram story feature is used by up to 500 million daily users.[3]. This is very expressive data.

The biggest advantage of video over text is that it attracts the viewer more. It provides more information and at the same time does not require as much concentration as reading. At the same time, video allows you to capture the best photographs and tell stories, presenting the story in a fun way.

Viewers appreciate originality and natural, connected posts. Using video, it is easy to bring to life and give an accurate view of the situation. Another no less important characteristic is the ability to convey and convey feelings. With a short text or even a picture, this is much more difficult.

No wonder we record important moments in life and share them on social media as a video. The data indicates that the smartphone has become the main recording tool as the vertical orientation of the video is beginning to take hold. Moreover, according to MediaBrix, vertical videos have a 90% higher end-of-view rate than horizontal videos.[4]. With nearly 57% of website views on smartphones in August, the popularity of the vertical format is justified[5].

Videos undoubtedly dominate the Internet, so you are increasingly asking yourself how your video stands out among the videos we publish every day. You will find the answer in the login and photo features of the new Huawei 9 smartphone.

With these features, the content will be noticed

The Huawei nova 9 smartphone is one of the few models that easily makes you stand out. Not only because of its exceptional design, which certainly attracts a lot of attention, but also because it provides many features for creating original and fresh content.

Role Recording Mode (Role Mode) consists of several different functions. The front and rear camera simultaneous shooting – each scene occupies half the image – helps when you want to capture what’s happening on both sides equally. This explains what you see and how you react to what you see. Very new and interesting approach. Behind-the-scenes content, reality and sentiment are increasingly being overtaken by the remarkably present and thoughtful.

Another very interesting feature of simultaneous capture with two cameras is the picture-in-picture feature. It puts a smaller front bezel (or vice versa) over the full screen view of the rear camera view. You can have up to two perspectives in one shot. The same goes for simultaneous recording with the last two cameras. There is a standard view on one part of the screen and an enlarged view on the other. To give you more control over your content creation, the features come with a wide range of magnifications – from wide viewing angle to 6x magnification – and a wide range of beauty algorithms that you can easily customize to suit your hair preferences.

Huawei’s new 9 also brings a number of features to take great selfies. The front camera is equipped with a 32 million sensor and supports role playing and portrait mode that emphasizes natural beauty. He is also not bothered by poor lighting conditions, regardless of the time of day.

If you want to add more originality and fun to your photos, don’t forget to explore the Sticker feature. They can represent the mood, shooting location, weather and much more, adding fun and at the same time an informative note.

Capture the most important moments of your life

The new Huawei 9 isn’t just a great smartphone for subscribers and content creators. It’s also the perfect device for capturing everyday moments and sharing them with friends and family. It is equipped with an Ultra Vision camera system. It includes 50 million main cameras with a RYYB color filter and a 1/1.56 inch sensor that captures high-quality photos with high light sensitivity, and an 8 million wide-angle camera, 2 million depth and telephoto. A camera with a range, you can get close to the scene from a distance of only 4 centimeters.

But with this phone, you will not only be taking pictures, but also the unique atmosphere and emotions that accompany the event. It also solves the problem of always missing someone in the video. The person depicting it, because you can easily use a double view. Due to the sensors’ excellent sensitivity to light, the new Huawei Phone 9 features bright, clear, and high-quality photos and videos. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about missing out on great opportunities just because your smartphone camera doesn’t perform well in low light conditions.

Dream Team for Content Creation

All the research shows that videos rule the internet. Social media are competing with each other to introduce new, shorter and more dynamic formats, such as Reels on Instagram or Shorts on YouTube, designed specifically for the smartphone. In terms of viewing and recording. Thus, the latest Huawei phones will meet all your expectations and support your lifestyle. day and night. You can trust it to always take great photos and videos, no matter the lighting conditions. And last but not least, it will emphasize your style and provide an enjoyable visual experience every time you look at it.

New Huawei devices

In addition to the excellent Huawei nova 9 smartphone with a recommended price of 499 euros, the Huawei nova 8i model is also available for 349 euros. Their perfect companion is the premium and versatile Huawei Watch GT 3 smartwatch, which has exceptional battery life. There are two versions available, the larger with a diameter of 46 and the smaller with a diameter of 42 mm. In addition, Huawei will soon introduce the latest MateBook 14s laptop with a high-end curved MateView GT screen.

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