Sony prepares to launch an attack on Xbox Game Pass

If you use an Xbox game console from Microsoft, you are probably familiar with your monthly subscription to Microsoft Game Pass. Depending on this service or subscription, users can download their favorite console games online and play them on Xbox consoles. This even includes popular console games that were made for the older but still popular Xbox 360.

Xbox game console fans currently have over 100 console games available, which they have to charge for just under €10 per month. So it’s no surprise that Xbox Game Pass is so popular. In addition, users can access the Xbox Cloud Gaming service with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which is inspiring in all respects.

So it’s no surprise that Sony is considering a similar subscription. The new service is expected to be available to PlayStation 5 users. All games must be downloadable or installable on a solid state game console. However, online access will always be required to play the games. The novelty is supposed to be created within the project “Spartacus”.

Sony is expected to prepare a new subscription for PlayStation game users by the spring of next year. The new service is said to still use the PlayStation Plus name, and users are expected to have three different subscriptions. The rule will be the same as your existing PlayStation Plus subscription. The more advanced will provide access to several games for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, while the more expensive package will provide access to unreleased games, the ability to download live games, and access to games made for older PlayStations.

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