Steam coming soon for Chrome OS too?

As the demand for Chromebooks continues to grow in the future, Google has embarked on updating its system even more. From now on, he will receive monthly updates. This actually means that users will receive new features every four weeks, which will definitely make Chrome OS more interesting.

Valve can also make a huge difference in the popularity of Chrome OS. Online rumors suggest that Valve could develop a special version of the Steam cloud service for Chrome OS. Practically speaking, this means that in the near future we can also play slightly more advanced PC games on cheap PCs.

A special version of Steam for Chrome OS is expected to be available in February next year. However, for now, it’s not entirely clear why Valve decided to take this step. Chrome OS laptops and desktops are primarily designed for educational institutions. In addition, they are equipped with relatively weak hardware, which, of course, was not intended for playing computer games.

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