20 GB hard disk is available to everyone!

There is never enough storage space, and the space on solid state drives continues to grow at a slow pace. As a result, leading manufacturers of hard drives are still preparing more and more powerful products as if on a conveyor belt. Seagate engineers are currently at the forefront of this field, having recently developed new technology to produce the first free-sale 20TB hard disk drive. This will certainly please the most demanding users and, of course, companies.

Seagate engineers will be able to achieve high storage capacity using the revolutionary CMR/PMR magnetic recording technology. The latter enabled them to produce magnetic plates with extremely high capacitance and surface density. Two 20TB disks are available to customers, the Exos X20 and IronWolf Pro. The first is for data centers and the second for professional networked data storage systems. Both enjoy a five-year warranty period.

The Exos X20 and IronWolf Pro hard drives also have 256 MB of system memory. Newcomers are relatively economical in powering them with valuable electricity. It consumes up to 9.4 watts of electrical energy. Newcomers, of course, are not cheap. In order to purchase a Seagate Exos X20 hard drive for data centers, 593 euros must be debited recalculated in the United States. The value of the Seagate IronWolf Pro hard drive for professional network data systems is 575 euros.

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