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A year after this move, Huawei’s mobile smart search engine has seen a massive increase in its market share. At the annual Huawei Developers Conference in Europe (HDC.Europe), Huawei announced a number of new capabilities and revolutionary search engine tools that partners and developers can use to drive business growth.

Ready for strategic partnerships

Companies that choose to participate can take advantage of Huawei’s hardware ecosystem and the openness of the Petal mobile search engine to achieve business goals and strategies. Its growth in recent years has been impressive and shows no signs of slowing down. Since September this year, the number of monthly active users has jumped to 32 million. In addition, it is one of the major mobile search engines in most regions, and its wide base represents a great opportunity.

Petal 2.0 offers a wide range of tools for efficient content distribution, including Petal Merchant Center, Petal Travel Center and Business Connect, which provide customized services tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of partner companies. The Petal Merchant Center provides retailers with a tool for product screening and promotion, the Petal Travel Center takes care of the tourism and hospitality sector, and Business Connect handles local businesses.

Next generation capabilities

Petal’s search engine unlocks tools for partner companies and developers through the Search Kit, enabling quick integration for an optimal search experience on mobile devices. It is equipped with smart features such as image search, voice search, image-to-text (OCR), text-to-speech, shopping search, hotel search and much more.

The suite also includes a comprehensive set of solutions to automatically send news, videos, web links, purchase and installation suggestions, and the like. With them, partner companies can reach the right users and tailor their offers to them.

As one of 69 development groups in the HMS Core 6 ecosystem with more than 21,738 application programming interfaces (APIs), the research group enriches applications with search capabilities and indirectly empowers partners and developers to address business challenges.

For better sales results

The Petal Merchant Center tool, designed to support innovative online shopping, is an online platform for presenting and managing products in one place. It allows retailers to set how products from their websites appear in Petal search engine results. By providing independence in coordinating product information and tracking sales potential, it opens up unlimited opportunities related to mobile purchases and boosts sales performance.

With the Smart Assistant function, which relies on artificial intelligence algorithms, the Petal search engine provides partners from the online (mobile) commerce field with various business solutions with features such as smart advice to improve product display on retailer’s websites. ..

Planning trips from start to finish

The Petal Travel Center mobile search engine tool provides support at all stages of travel, from trip planning to hotel selection. To provide partners with more useful features, it is designed for Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and Channel Managers (CMs). The simplified portal allows easy management of the electronic platform and tourism products with the ability to view their statuses. Additional capabilities and click tracking are available to partners interested in daily productivity data.

Thanks to search optimization, the Petal Travel Center tool provides information on flights, hotels and attractions and harnesses the potential of the HMS mobile ecosystem. For example, hotels can easily manage information about offers, menus, price lists, and websites to improve online presentation and increase online traffic and responsiveness to users. For those, the hotel search function recommends hotel chains and provides them with easy access to what they are looking for. The tool is already used by more than 2 million hotels around the world.

Dedicated to local businesses

Business Connect primarily targets local businesses. It allows them to design a Petal search engine, verify data via email or phone to protect against unauthorized changes, publish promotional information including photos and videos, add business hours, contact information and service availability to attract potential customers to the database of millions of users serviced devices HMS. It is currently used by more than 6000 companies.

With many options for displaying local business categories, from restaurants to cultural services, better locations to display local ads on a device screen, as well as comprehensive options for content management, account and business analysis features, Petal Search Business Connect helps entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd.

View available to everyone

The myriad of diverse and intelligent features of the Petal search engine provide many opportunities for local and global companies to improve productivity. Huawei’s mobile search engine can give them access to a global audience that has already exceeded 730 million users.

New Huawei devices

You will also find the Petal search engine in the latest Huawei nova 9 and Huawei nova 8i, which have exceptional prices of €499 and €349 respectively. In addition, Huawei recently introduced a premium series of Watch GT 3, MateBook 14s laptop and curved screen MateView GT, which will soon be available in Slovenia.

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