Good news for Vivo smartphone users!

We are all more or less aware of the fact that smartphones are actually laptops with a touch screen and a portable operating system. Smartphones are descendants of computers and share many features with them. However, at Vivo, smartphone development always goes a long way compared to the competition. Their products offer an excellent ratio between retail price and performance.

Many users of Vivo smartphones will be surprised by the news that they will soon get the much-awaited Android 12 mobile operating system update. It features an excellent graphic interface. Notifications are displayed in such a way that the background is blurred, which means that they are more clearly visible to the user. Programmers have also shown great interest in mini-programs designed to display information on the user’s screen. So it is not surprising that users are very interested in the new Android system, which has already been shown in the beta period.

In January next year, it will receive Android 12 operating system for the Vivo X60 Pro and Vivo V21 5G smartphones for the first time. A month later, the innovative Android 12 will also receive the Vivo Y21 and Vivo Y72 5G smartphones. In April next year, quite a few Tevolon Vivo users will get their money’s worth. X51 5G, Y33s, Y21s, Y70, Y20s and Y11s will be updated to Android 12.

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