Xbox Cloud Gaming users love the monitors…

Xbox Cloud Gaming has been available to users of Windows PC and Apple iOS mobile devices for some time. It has also recently become available to Xbox game console users, namely Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. The new version is currently only available to select users of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service. Gradually, Xbox Cloud games will be available to all Xbox users.

Of course, accessing the Xbox Cloud Gaming service requires a Microsoft user account and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service. There are currently over 100 different games available. However, the main advantage of Xbox Cloud Gaming is that the games do not need to be installed, but can be played instantly in streaming mode.

Xbox Cloud Gaming online service offers a very rich selection of games. But what is interesting is that users of the new online service like to play games on touch screens. A recent survey found that up to 20 percent of users use a touchscreen device to play games.

Practically speaking, this means that in the future we will have more games that will be fully compatible with touch screens. Here, of course, we don’t just mean smartphones. The games can also be played on tablets, laptops, and other devices that have a compatible operating system and have a touch screen.

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