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There is a famous saying that crisis is opportunity. But the truth is that in crises, only the rich are the richest. But most of them lose. So we need to prepare for this opportunity and know how to take advantage of it. Digitization, automation and artificial intelligence will fundamentally change our world after the crisis. Hundreds of millions of jobs for people will soon be gone. How can you prepare adequately for the challenges of the current crisis and the coming new era?

Therefore, for most people, a crisis is not a time when it is a good idea to wait for what will happen. Because in this way you will only lose your savings, warns Martin Korošec, author of the project The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People.

Martin Koroshik, you are an entrepreneur, author, lecturer and inventor. What drew you to research in finance and investment?

life experiences. I come from a humble working class family. I’ve been doing different jobs since high school. He has also earned a lot through his career and his own company. But I lost a lot in the past when I invested in various fields and loans. That’s why I’ve been searching for years for what really works and what just the promises of the financial industry and the system itself are left empty-handed.

Most people have negative experiences or assumptions about investing.

They believe that knowing how to make money for money is only for the rich. Most people work hard, pay huge taxes, and save where they can. There is an old saying that working for money is only a step away from poverty.

Fearing the future, people save everything. Thus, there are currently about 26 billion of ordinary people’s money in banks. But due to reasons in the system itself, most of these savings will be lost. As part of the project, I conducted a series of calculations, and in a few years, savers could lose up to – 10 billion euros in the purchasing power of their savings under certain conditions.

Will savers be able to lose up to – 10 billion in savings?

Yes, this is a tragedy behind the news of more and more people saving money in banks. The official inflation rate is around 3%. You’ll probably agree that this is a ridiculously low rating. Electricity, fuel, food and various raw materials irritate +30% and more overnight. Estimates of actual inflation of around 10% per year are more significant. Just look at the rising cost of bills and food. However, real estate price growth was not included in inflation at all. Although this is the biggest expense in life!

In just five years, with such actual inflation, only about 16 billion of the 26 billion saved could be left in terms of purchasing power. In this development, people could lose up to -10 billion in the purchasing power of their savings. Beware, this is the value of the state budget throughout the year! For people, for their families, it means disaster. On average, under the described conditions, the purchasing power of their savings can be reduced by up to – 40%!

So did you start the Art of Wealth project for ordinary people?

When it comes to losing money, whether it’s due to a system, scam or fraud, one of the biggest losses is time. It can take ten years or more to make up for lost money. Crises, however, follow one another. Meanwhile, ordinary people, unnoticed, are losing their hard-earned money, which is subject to abnormally high taxes.

In order to alert people to what is happening and provide them with information on how to save their savings and also take the right steps to earn their first million, I have also prepared Urgent webinar »The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People«.

What is the content of a webinar and how much does it cost?

The content is lively, from the current Slovenian situation. With examples and calculations. On the basis of minimum and average revenue. In particular, I highlight:

• Why will savers lose most of their savings?

• What can you do to protect your savings?

• What should parents do in a crisis situation?

• The sad truth about the fate of retirees and their alternatives.

• What does the future hold for entrepreneurs?

• How does money make money even in a crisis situation?

• How do you earn your first million in regular income?

The regular price for a webinar is 47 euros. By ranking, however, the share to your news readers Free. But for a limited time, so be it Sign up in time here.

Martin Korošec content from the webinar “The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People” Summarizes succinctly in a strong sentence: Save your savings and earn your first million.

The content is useful for all employees, businessmen and parents. With examples and accounts for all stages of life, young and old. The goal of the webinar is to help everyone find their own way to save their savings and take the right steps to earn their first million.

Where do you invest the money? The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People. Save your savings.
And earn your first million. Martin Koroshik answered him.

How is this development possible in the future?

I have been investing privately for many years. Since 2017, I have also been leading workshops on cryptocurrency. However, over the past two years, since the outbreak of the crown crisis, I have been working very intensely on the system we live in.

What is money? Who has the ability to manage money? Who benefits from the money created (ordinary people don’t)? What is the real face of money? What exactly is inflation (no, not price hikes)? How do the central bank, financial institutions, governments and ordinary people view money?

I discovered something that completely shocked me. On the other hand, what harms the financial condition of ordinary people can be beneficial for the state and the financial system. Therefore, people can rely only on themselves.

View the story also: »How Cleaner Made Millions?«

Yes, this is one of my favorite things and the story is based on someone from my life and what they can get from making money by cleaning. I chose this example because purge sticks to some prejudice. But as you know, without the cleaners and detergents, even the Queen of England’s palace would be dirty.

Every job is worth it, but not every job brings enough money. However, this story shows us that even with minimal income, we can generate millions of euros if we are not only involved in work, but at least minimally also in how money generates money. Because when it comes to making money, there are forces at work that are much more important than how much money you have.

The cleaner of the story retires with millions of euros?

Yes, and I can buy the company I worked for multiple times. One of the major misconceptions people have in the financial industry is that only those who have a lot of money can invest successfully. This is simply not true. It is also not true that you have to earn a lot to create a million or more assets. Only a small percentage of the rich make a lot of work. But they know how to make sure their money works. They say fear and greed are the worst advisers. Today we see that most people are afraid. Fear of the future and fear for your money.

So what is the solution for most ordinary people?

Most of us are busy with work and many household chores from morning to evening. Therefore, we do not delve into things that we do not understand or do not get down to. At the same time, we are confident that the systems are working in our favour. When you realize that’s not the case, you’ve done the first and hardest half of the work.

Most of them wait and trust that the system will take care of them. But she won’t, because that’s not his goal. The goal of the system is to maintain the system at no cost. These costs can only be paid with your income and savings.

The other half of the job is to prepare well for the crisis (which will continue). The key is to be prepared for all scenarios. This way you can avoid losses and you will always be in the right place to take advantage of opportunities. And in crises, the most opportunities arise. But ordinary people only appear to have problems that completely occupy and intimidate them.

How do you find time for all this?

We have enough time. And most importantly and just: we all only have 24 hours in a day. Instead of other series, sports, videos, games, let’s take an hour to find out the most important information. This knowledge is so carefully hidden that you do not find anything about it in schools. How does money make money. It works great for the elite, so it’s hidden from most people. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to attend the free webinar “The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People” for free.

Don’t miss the seminar! Click here to register at the right time.

I made it with ordinary people in mind. Employees, entrepreneurs, seniors, young adults, and parents who take great responsibility for themselves and their children. With examples from Slovenia, from current events, for different ages and situations. With calculations based on minimum and average wages.

Save your money and take steps to reach your first million. He can really do well with the cleaning proceeds. It may work for you too. Just do something. Doing nothing and just waiting and saving may be the most precious thing in these situations.

* The content of the article is not the subject of financial advice. Mention of individual investment instruments, stocks and funds, Precious metals and cryptocurrencies can only be included for idea description or educational purposes. Martin Korošec does not recommend individual financial instruments and is not a financial advisor, stockbroker or registered investment advisor. All readers are advised to consult with a licensed advisor before making investment decisions.

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