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The holiday season is the time when we go shopping for our loved ones and, after all, for ourselves. Gifts related to consumer electronics are definitely among the most popular gifts.

It’s December, and if you haven’t bought gifts for family and friends yet (besides not forgetting about yourself), now is the time. Make this year’s gift giving special. We’ve also thought about gifts that are hard to miss. Our goal was to find products that were fun and useful, and we also didn’t want to empty our entire wallets.

So we came up with a set of four interesting devices for every pocket that will brighten up the holidays and (hopefully) serve you for a long time. They came to our aid in the online store Shopi.eu, where you will find something for everyone.

Smart watch from the Slovenian company XPLORE

The XP6217 smart watch performs its original function on the color screen, so it displays the time and date. This is only a small part of its capabilities, as it fits into a smartwatch, it also counts steps, measures distance traveled, calories burned and heart rate. Currently a very topical special feature is the measurement of body temperature.

Fit cloud pro opens new possibilities, allowing you to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly check-ups, physical activity and health.

Since it is connected to your smartphone, you can receive notifications on it, such as SMS messages, Whatsapp follow, Facebook … It reminds you to receive reminders by vibrating. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, 3.8cm HD touch screen, and waterproof (IP67), it will last up to 9 days without charging while on standby.

Imagine your drone

Have you always wanted to be a pilot? Now you can partially make it happen, and do it in your own living room! The HAWK X20 XP9611 Drone will impress you with its tenacity and is the right gift for someone who wants to try something new. Measuring 24 x 18 cm, it is very stable and quiet in the air. Suitable for indoor use over short distances, the propellers are enclosed on all sides by a unique cage that protects the drone in the event of a wall collision. Spare fans are also included in the package.

Operation is easy, you just plug it into the included remote control, and it’s ready to fly. The front has a built-in white LED light for flights in dark rooms. It also supports one-button automatic stabilization function, which regulates the position of the drone in the air. One hour of charging is enough to fly for 7-8 minutes.

Fun will be provided with karaoke speaker

If you love to sing and love the lively atmosphere at home, HAVANA3 XP8811 karaoke headset is for you. It supports Bluetooth operation, USB key operation and recording, and microSD memory card operation. Of course, it also has a karaoke feature. Two microphones (one wired and one wireless) are also included for this. If you like to listen to the radio, take care of it too. So it is an all-in-one speaker. You can also use it outdoors where there is no electrical outlet, as it has a built-in 4.5Ah rechargeable battery. It also has a carrying arm and built-in wheels so you don’t have to worry about carrying it.

Are you going to spend your vacation playing computer games?

However, if you are among those who like to sit comfortably in front of the computer and play computer games for several hours, then the Shopi.eu online store has something for you. ROCKET XP1260 gaming keyboard and mouse combo will provide a lot of fun. The kit is an entry-level model, so it’s priced right in every pocket.

With LED lighting, the set is suitable for long time playing at night. Although they are entry-level models, the keyboard and mouse are comfortable and attractive in appearance.

As customer satisfaction is the main priority of the Shopi.eu online store team, online shopping is easy and delivery is fast. In case of any problems, they offer their own services with an experienced team.

More at www.shopi.eu. (Public relations)

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