Forget the screen, play games on the projector

Most of the fans of PC and console games play these games on their powerful PC or TV screens. How crazy is the experience of using a projector and a huge picture?

You can also play computer games by watching the image on the monitor. You may not have tried it yet, but imagine a high-quality photo or video and your favorite game. Size matters in this case, and believe me – once you’ve tried your monitor with games, you won’t agree to anything less.

Affordable 4K PRO-UHD Projector

Epson EH-TW7100 is an affordable projector that delivers a 4K PRO-UHD experience. If you are in doubt about the complexity of using a projector, you can forget about it. Easy to use, a great 16:9 aspect ratio and high contrast ratio will impress you right away.

This time, the trump card from Epson can display an image of up to 1270 cm, but also has the function of optical zoom and trapezoidal correction, so the image alignment is very simple, and the projector can be placed almost anywhere. So forget the “distorted” picture. The Epson EH-TW7100 Projector will serve your image with precision and quality with vivid and vibrant colours. Powerful colors are provided by an equally intense white gloss and 3,000 lumens colour. A contrast ratio of 100,000:1 delivers deep blacks. When it comes to games, all this is very important. More than anywhere else, it is important when playing games that the fast-moving image is also sharp, which Epson provides with its own miniature interpolation feature.

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