Samsung has exceeded its sales limit by more than a million…

In just one year, up to one million The Frame TVs were sold.
However, before the end of the year, the number of copies sold, since the start of sales in 2017, is expected to exceed 2 million.

Samsung announced that it has sold more than 1 million units of TVs this year the frameIn doing so, she became the first Lifestyle TV model to cross the million mark in just one year. However, due to high demand in the European and North American markets, total sales of The Frame since its introduction in 2017 are expected to rise to two million people before the end of the year.

The Frame is not only an exceptional device for watching your favorite content, but also a state-of-the-art TV, which with its design beautifies the space in which it is located and enriches it with its possibilities. We are constantly looking for new ways to expand the possibilities in which The Frame TV meets the desires and needs of our users. We partner with new museums, galleries, and artists to expand the art collection in the Art Store and allow users to find their favorites in a rich collection of artworks. Simon Sung, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing, Visual Business, Samsung Electronics.

Innovative design and flexibility

As users spend more and more time at home, the popularity of home entertainment devices has grown. The desires and requirements of users are also increasing in popularity. They want to be surrounded by more screens than just ordinary televisions and to enrich and upgrade their homes. With its design and flexibility, The Frame TV responds precisely to these desires and requirements. This is also due to the extraordinary increase in sales.

In 2020, Samsung added more technologies QLED To display a more realistic picture. The TV also features a light sensor that adapts to the image on the screen to allow the viewer to enjoy a fully customized screen. In July 2021, Samsung introduced The Frame 85, which is now available in five different sizes (32″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″) and is therefore a great choice for almost any space.

The 2021 model of The Frame has a bezel of just 24.9 mm, which is half less than the previous year’s model. A wide range of frame colors add an elegant note. Users can choose a flexible frame that looks like a real picture frame in several versions – white, beige or brown separate flat frame or white and brick tilted frame.1. The TV can be placed on a TV stand or on the wall, where life looks like a real painting. Recently, a studio stand is also available, which adds even more elegance to the space.

The content in the Art Store is selected in cooperation with strategic partners

In addition to the unique and modern design, The Frame is also at the heart of TV Art Store – An art subscription platform. When the user is not using the TV to watch content, he can select Ambient Mode. In it, he chooses the artwork he wants to display on the screen. There is a library rich in paintings and photographs, which instantly turns any space into an art gallery featuring the most famous artworks from around the world.

Art gallery in your home

The Frame Art Store Offers More than 1500 technicians A piece of world-famous museums and galleries such as the Russian Hermitage, the French Louvre and the Spanish Prado Museum. Through a number of partnerships, Samsung has expanded the range of work available in the Art Store, which now includes unique artwork from emerging international artists such as Magnum Photos, a global group of photojournalists or leading photography company YellowKorner. In this way, the user can create his own art gallery from a large collection of works at his fingertips. With the help of artificial intelligence, the 2021 The Frame model analyzes the taste and patterns of user habits and suggests new artworks to display.

The Frame TV 2021 version offers much more memory capacity than previous versions. With 6GB versus the previous 500MB, the TV can now store up to 1,200 selected 4K images, allowing the user to store more artwork for a personal gallery.

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