The Slovenians who created the working environment of the future

Today, we need a strictly managed environment in our work. Despite the mixed way of working, we need to be just as efficient and know that the office is waiting for us in the office or the meeting room is just for us.

More than ever, it has become important to improve working procedures from the moment the space is reserved. We get to the office, find a place and go to work. Joan Workplace Management System can be very useful. It is not just about displaying on a tablet with electronic paper technology, it is about the integrated management of the working environment of the future.

The Joan brand is designed as a boardroom boardroom, and can be used to manage a full range of operations in the company. The tablet with electronic paper is attached to the wall, the door, the glass or practically anything with a magnet, and we already have all the information we need on the door. It’s easy! At a time when everything was whistling and shining on us, Joan advocates quiet determination.

There is no additional electricity and cables

Electronic paper consumes very little electricity. So little that there is no need for a constant network connection. At Visionect, where they started as startups and were pioneers and today one of the world leaders in electronic paper, we are entrusted with the touching fact that one Joan machine consumes as much energy in one year as we do when making one coffee. They assure that this is a really simple and easy to use solution.

Their Joan solution has largely gone beyond the company’s beginnings and moved from the tablet to managing the integrated hybrid work environment. As Visionect thought more broadly and focused on integrated management, they never dreamed that with the coronavirus outbreak, the digitization of the work environment would unfold so quickly.

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