Traceable TRZ Token achieves absolute success in 4 …

Trazable, a Spanish company that wants to change the traceability of food, is completing the first phase of its ICO (initial coin offering) of TRZ رمز symbol With more than 1 million euros raised in just 4 hours, ending this first stage of the launch. Success was preceded by 100% financing in a private sale in record time.

Promoted by Lanzadera belonging to Juan Roig, Trazable is one of the leading quality management platforms aimed at the food traceability system in Spain, thanks to its software with Blockchain technology that allows to ensure the transparency and quality of food products. In order to advance its technology to take food businesses to the next level, Trazable has just launched the TRZ Token, the cryptocurrency with which they intend to create a community between businesses and end consumers in which transparency and security are enhanced. Possibility to be part of a project fully committed to social welfare.

The first part of the public TRZ token sale took place on December 6 at 12 noon and only 4 hours later all available tokens for this first stage of the ICO were exhausted. The reception by the Spanish crypto community was so great that there was a moment when the web collapsed. A fact conveys the great interest of the Spanish crypto community regarding a project of this nature. “We are creating a new community, people who believe in our project and the future of food traceability, and this is how the crypto community passed on to us by receiving the TRZ token,” comments Lucas Salinas, chief technology officer and co-founder of Traceable.

After launching TRZ in the general market, Trazable achieved a milestone in awarding it 75 million TRZ tokens Values 0.015 EUR, to reach the total 1,125,000 euros. A well-accepted sale in a very short time, eliminating hundreds of people interested in being part of the project.

The launch of the TRZ Token marks a new historical milestone for the cryptocurrency world, as it is considered one of the first Spanish ICOs to be executed. The resounding success of the TRZ token makes it clear that the Spanish community is willing to bet on innovative and pioneering national projects like the one that Trazable is raising. “With this achievement, we are showing that in Spain there are also technology-based projects that are revolutionizing the market,” says Pablo Rodrigo, CEO and co-founder of Trazable.

In the absence of the launch of Phase 2 of the ICO, which will take place on December 13, TRZ has issued a total of 125 million TRZ tokens, worth more than 1.6 million euros. Not to mention another 75 million TRZs are available in the last phase.

Trazable is staring at the second phase of the ICO that will take effect on December 13, a date for the entire crypto community interested in changing the food industry. In this second phase, 75,000,000 EUR worth of TRZ tokens will be available, representing a pool of 1,500,000 EUR.

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