Which laptop to give away for Christmas?

Do you remember when your computer was waiting for you under the Christmas tree? You’ve seen a huge chest and never dreamed that your parents surprised you with this “cool” toy.

Do you want your children or loved ones to feel the same passion? Since we stand behind your noble mission, we will help you find the best computer at your price.

In those days, our parents could only provide us with “square-shaped” desktop computers. Laptops have not yet come into existence due to their significantly higher price tag. Let’s go back a decade or so laptop They can easily quarrel with their brothers at the table. Moreover, if we focus on the used laptops of better quality or Quality A, as they are called on the PoceniPC website, in some cases we get a better performance ratio than the desktop versions.

So where do you start? Choosing can be technically time-consuming, since there are so many great PCs on the market. Don’t worry, with the expertise of our editorial team and with the help of PoceniPC experts, we have prepared a truly diverse range of laptops for you.

What laptops were on the list of the best?

In the research, we took into account all the most important parameters that directly affect the performance and service life of a computer. Of course, we all agree that an SSD is a must in these times, as we’ll be able to count on its lightning speed for years to come. The good news is that due to increased production, SSDs are becoming much cheaper and can be found in even the most basic of laptops. Another component that we paid more attention to is the processor. It had to meet some basic requirements, such as a sufficient number of cores and the speed of these. Among the Holy Trinity, we also ranked the laptop screen, focusing on resolution and size.

HP Elitebook: Laptops for Intermediate Users

HP Elitebook series are listed for hardware specifications that will be sufficient for both business and personal use. As befits us, and as we’re used to HP laptops, they’re durable, high-quality computers. You can count on the many years of experience of HP’s engineers who make sure these computers will do their job for a long time to come. And what are these tasks? Since this isn’t the most exciting device, don’t expect to create 4K footage on this PC or play games at the highest graphics resolution. The HP Elitebook 840 G3 is designed for casual users who want to use their laptop for mail messaging, browsing the web, watching movies on the go, and more. Technically, you’ll get a sixth-generation Intel i5 processor labeled 6200U, which clocks in at 2.8GHz in turbo mode. Standard equipment also includes a 120 or 256 GB SSD and a 14-inch (35.6 cm) screen that supports FHD resolutions up to 1920 x 1080.

The full range of Elitebook laptops can be found here.

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