Huawei Watch GT 3: A Glimpse of Perfection?

In many ways, the new Huawei Watch makes more sense than the Watch 3 unveiled this summer.

The battery life is longer, the activity logging is the same, if not better, and it also costs less. If I could still make payments, install standalone apps, and support music streaming, that would be closer to perfect.

Perhaps it will be clear to everyone that watches from the GT family are not a typical representative of smartwatches, but smartwatches that focus primarily on recording and health monitoring activities. They don’t have as wide a set of features and apps as those of Apple or Samsung, for example, but the shortcuts leave them far behind when it comes to battery life. At the same time, they are on par with the best in life recording, while the sports watches are superior in appearance. They are nothing special. More like a stylish traditional watch than anything else!

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