Quantum computers will soon be part of…

Earlier this year, the Chinese company SpinQ Technology achieved a very important milestone in the field of quantum computing. Specifically, their engineers were able to set up the first quantum desktop computer that any school or institute could provide, as well as individuals with slightly thicker wallets. China’s first quantum desktop computer isn’t cheap, of course, with an estimated value of €41,240. However, its price is much lower compared to multi-million dollar quantum servers.

But researchers at Stanford University recently demonstrated that quantum computers could soon become a part of our daily lives. Their solution uses a laser to manipulate a single atom, which can change the state of a photon with a phenomenon called ‘quantum teleportation’. Unlike typical quantum computers developed by Google or IBM, this solution links a single quantum atom to a series of photons, allowing more information to be processed and stored. In addition, it can work even at room temperature.

The novelty is actually a giant optical circuit made using an optical cable, a beam diffuser, two optical switches and an optical resonator. They are used to make the two main components of the machine: the optical cable storage ring and the spray unit. It is not yet known when a new quantum computer will be able to enter our homes. But it certainly won’t happen any time soon.

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