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Learn about the on-demand cloudy environment for large businesses and communities. It is adaptable to the most demanding customers, who are constantly working on intensive development of new services and solutions.

T-2 is the first telecom company in Slovenia to offer the latest T-2 Cloud collective virtualization infrastructure implementation platform, intended for large corporations and IT companies, public and government administration, local communities and start-ups. With the on-demand cloud environment in the implementation of the most dynamic projects, it provides the potential users with optimal, secure, reliable, automated and cost-effective solutions also in the available environment. Cloud infrastructure platform T-2 was among the finalists for the Red Hat Digital Leaders Awards 2021.

T-2 has become a provider of the latest cloud environments for large corporations, public administration organizations, government agencies, energy companies, finance and insurance, and start-ups. The platform also provides a suitable environment for city and municipal administrations in implementing innovative, regional and local projects.

Environment on demand with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) in PaaS (Platform as a Service) It is also optimized for a container-based microservices IT architecture, enabling applications with extensive API communications, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI and ML) technologies. It is fully ready to build solutions with edge computing paradigm (edge ​​computing).

New digital technologies are changing industrial approaches to informatics and affecting the lifestyles of consumers and users. T-2 was the first telecom operator in Slovenia to design a modern offering of a mass virtualization infrastructure platform for the most demanding and fastest growing companies, start-ups and organizations within general, state and local government. When designing individual solutions, T-2 Cloud provides users with the latest data security, service reliability, agility in development and automation tasks, cost effectiveness and a modern technology environment.

Features of the T-2 Infrastructure Platform (T-2 Cloud)

With a single, state-of-the-art implementation of a multi-site runtime environment backed by a microservice IT architecture, T-2 responds to the requirements of the largest and most dynamic projects for a flexible application infrastructure to rapidly develop new applications by collecting and processing large amounts of information in real time. . All infrastructure, including support, is located in Slovenia, The range of services is adaptable to the most demanding customers, who are intensively developing new services and solutions for their end users. T-2 Cloud opens new opportunities for rapid collaboration in the development of technological solutions by introducing self-service and automation mechanisms. The IT infrastructure can be customized and the IT runtime environment can be customized for different users.

New batch for smart cities

As one of the first services, T-2 Smart City Platform for the Development of Smart Cities, Villages or Communities (www.smartcity.si) is migrating to the new T-2 Cloud environment. The platform provides functionality such as navigation, air and weather information, news, events, and shared activities, and is completely open to the integration of third-party solutions. (Public relations)

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