The best solution for smart portable cameras…

The quality of digital cameras in smartphones is already comparable to compact cameras in a lower price range, and some mobile phones in a higher price range are even superior to them. The quality of photos taken with smartphones will increase in 2022, and this will be provided by one of the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Oppo.

Oppo will already go on sale the first phone with a mobile main camera. In practical terms, this means that when the main camera is not being used, it will be safely “stored” in the phone case. When you use it, it will move outward, ensuring better quality photos are taken. This will actually make smartphones quite comparable to compact digital cameras.

Oppo will unveil an innovative smartphone camera soon. This is expected to take place as part of the special conference scheduled for December 14. In all likelihood, Oppo will introduce a new product along with the concept smartphone, which is expected to go on sale next year.

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