OPPO reveals the best solution for camera phones

Recently we reported on a very interesting concept from Oppo, which refers to a camera designed for smartphones. In fact, Oppo is the first company to offer a smartphone for sale, which will have a mobile main camera. In practical terms, this means that when the main camera is not being used, it will be safely “stored” in the phone case. When you use it, it will move outward, ensuring better quality photos are taken.

With Oppo’s new mechanism, smartphones will actually be quite comparable to compact digital cameras. The company also demonstrated this with a video that clearly demonstrates how the new mechanism works in practice. It is also interesting to note that the new system provides waterproofing (the standard for waterproofing is not yet known) and that if the smartphone is dropped, it is automatically “stored” in the case.

It is not known at this time when the new camera will be used for commercial purposes. However, we are convinced that it will be the first to be offered for sale by Oppo, in conjunction with a device in a higher price range. A little later, it will likely be used by other manufacturers, as much as it will convince end users.

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