Cloudya, the cloud phone system: If you haven’t already…

Most business telephony solutions look very similar to an outside observer and are hardly distinguishable. But Cloudya is a different solution that offers so many options and is so easy to use that you can forget about the rest.

In your workplace, chances are that you depend on the phone system in one way or another. As long as everything is working as it should, you won’t even realize how important it is. However, when problems arise, work can stop, so to speak, in an instant. Make sure that you do not encounter this at all, which will save you from a lot of graying and panic. In addition to ensuring unrestricted freedom of communication with one office. How can you improve your communication system. Believe me, you definitely have room for improvement.

NFON solutions are based on Cloudya Cloudya phone system. Claudia It is a cost-effective, reliable, standalone and – and users can especially appreciate – simple cloud-based telephony system.

One phone number, one email box – anytime, anywhere

Why easy? Because with one phone number and one email inbox, it allows employees to seamlessly communicate with co-workers, business partners, and customers. So to speak, with everyone they interact with – and most importantly: anywhere, anytime, from any device. And also from all the smartphones that are very important to us, which have become our shadow and our tool, without which we can no longer do business.

Visit the NFON website and see the solution and its benefits. Best of all, you can opt for the 30-day free trial of Cloudye. It is available online.

Why Cloud?

Why would I choose Cloudy and not another system? Cloudya solves three major communication challenges in the company:

  • In business communication solutions, we usually encounter complex and expensive systems. Cloudya is a different platform, as it has an intuitive user interface that fully responds to the wants and needs of the users. However, businesses also no longer need their own infrastructure, so there is no unnecessary work or costs with installation and maintenance.
  • In other solutions, as a rule, we encounter limited contacts with employees who work outside the office. Today, the need for unrestricted communication of employees in different locations is greater and more important than ever. So forget that hurdle. With Cloudya, employees will be available in the office, at home, or anywhere else – anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Have you often experienced serious service interruptions with your calling service providers? And that was just when you had an important meeting? There will be no such problems with Cloudya, as it guarantees continuous operation. The system works even when there is no or poor Internet connection, the system connects to the mobile network – and it will continue to work.

Visit the NFON website and see the solution and its benefits. Best of all, you can opt for the 30-day free trial of Cloudye. It is available online.

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