Idyll on Krvavec: Jure Košir, snow and … Huawei Watch …

Although we haven’t officially entered winter yet, the first snowflakes have already blanketed roads, meadows, forests, and cliffs, creating the right atmosphere for December. And ideally, it was snowing heavily until last night when the new ski season opened. Particularly diverse was Krvavec, where former ski expert Khor Kosher, successful businessman and ex-singer Hajdi Koroshik and well-known depositor and motoring journalist Cyril Komotar opened the season with his first descent down the ski slope.

Their choir in Krvavec was not accidental. Huawei’s latest devices were unveiled at the ski resort: the Watch GT 3 series of smartwatches, the MateBook 14s laptop and the large curved MateView GT display.

At home in all sports fields

The Watch GT 3, which three famous skiers took for a test drive on the white, sunlit slopes, felt right at home on the ski slope of course. Among other things, it also supports monitoring of various joys of snow, from skiing to dowsing. The watch supports more than 100 different sports, including 18 professional sports, and it is written on the skin of every movement lover. At Huawei, they understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and want to encourage their users to do the same. Among other things, Watch GT 3 provides customized training methods based on the user’s fitness and habits. That is, it can set exercise goals and then monitor progress in real time on the screen or in the Health app. The Workout Watch provides audio reminders of current goals, workout status, fitness information, and more. Additionally, it is compatible with 30 fitness apps, which complements its usability and ability to monitor recorded data.

Jure Košir, who already has experience with previous versions of Huawei smartwatches, is also excited about the latest: “I am very happy to be able to test the Watch GT 3 on the opening day of the ski season, as I still enjoy spending my spare time on the snow. So it was a really great day. We had great weather, great atmosphere and a great assistant who kept recording my results. At the same time, I can’t wait to use it for other sporting activities, in addition to its predecessors.”

Health always comes first

In addition to various sports, the watch also monitors health standards. So it measures heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), which will be more satisfying to everyone who are close to altitude feats, and also monitors sleep quality, breathing, stress levels and even menstrual cycle.

Its design is also unique, which impressed businessman Hajidi Kuroshik: “The Watch GT 3 immediately caught my eye with its elegant design. I would have never thought that this beautiful watch also has so many different functions and useful value at the same time. The watch fits well with any wardrobe, and I can have it for a meeting and for a romantic dinner And on the ski slope. I like to exercise by myself, but it is true that my schedule is very full and I can not always find time to exercise. But even with the help of the new watch, I now know when it is good to take a rest, and when to take a longer break. Sleep, when do I need more rest, and when do I need some exercise.”

A complete ecosystem with a new laptop and a big screen

The Watch GT 3 on Krvavec was accompanied by an excellent laptop MateBook 14s and a large curved screen MateView GT. The MateBook 14s features a stylish 2.5K touchscreen display, 11th generation Intel Core performance, four-speaker quality, seamless connectivity with other Huawei Share devices and long-lasting autonomy.

Anyone who spends a lot of time behind a computer will surely be impressed with the Huawei MateView GT’s curved screen, which measures 87cm and features an image refresh rate of 165Hz. With an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a high resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, it is adapted for both gaming and creative work, such as video and photo editing.

Automotive journalist and contributor Cyril Komotar, who travels a lot due to the nature of his work, says that the MateBook 14s laptop is exactly what he needs: Alone with my phone New Huawei 9 I shoot and edit a lot, so an assistant like the new MateBook comes in handy. I keep an archive of my recordings on it, record meetings, write scripts for my content and much more. At the same time, I’d also like to note that it pairs nicely with my two phones, as they connect in an instant via the Huawei Share standard. This allows you to control the phone directly from your laptop screen and easily transfer files between the two devices.”

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