Oppo impressed with the first foldable phone

Flexible or foldable smartphones have aroused great interest among mobile phone users. But the problem is that it is still too expensive for many. In addition, it is also very fragile for everyday use, as damage occurs during normal use, which can also mean significant repair costs for the user.

This is expected to change with the launch of the Oppo Find N smartphone, which is actually the first smartphone from a famous Chinese company. The premiere of the novelty impressed many, so expectations are high. In addition, the novelty is expected to be more affordable than the competition.

The OPPO Find N foldable smartphone is easy to handle even with the most demanding tasks. They are supposed to be equipped with very powerful hardware. More about what Oppo will reveal at the upcoming Oppo Inno Day conference. It will take place between 14 and 15 December and will target developers and buyers alike.

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