Xiaomi surprises everyone with new phone batteries!

Smartphones have become an extension of our personality and not only are we constantly with us, the content on our phones tells us more about us than we think. Phones run on batteries that we need to charge in order for the devices to function as they should. If we are close to the electricity source all the time, there are no problems. However, if we don’t always have access to electricity, saving energy is the price we pay to be able to take advantage of the “smart” features of phones.

However, they at Xiaomi are confident that they have found a battery solution that will make smartphones more useful. With the help of new technology, they were able to make a battery that can store up to 10 percent of electricity. In practical terms, this means that a battery of the same size would in fact be able to store up to 10 percent of the most valuable electricity. On the other hand, it will also make it possible to produce more compact batteries for more compact devices.

Xiaomi’s new batteries are also more durable than the competition. It is equipped with an advanced technology that prevents the battery from being damaged or corroded too much during charging. It is not yet known when Xiaomi will start using new batteries in its products. The key is that many believe it will be soon.

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