Amazing success for the new iOS 15!

Due to the large fragmentation, the Android mobile operating system is becoming less manageable day by day as these mobile devices are now made by thousands of different manufacturers. Most of them, of course, can be found in China, where there are very few companies that make cheap but sufficiently powerful Android smartphones. The main problem is that manufacturers do not prepare updates for their products, which deprives users of new features as well as security updates that are essential to data security.

However, this is not the case for Apple’s rival iOS operating system, which is designed for iPhone smartphones. This is available for all supported iPhone smartphones. In addition, all users around the world receive it as soon as it is officially available for download. So it’s no surprise that the new iOS 15 mobile operating system is already installed on 60 percent of compatible devices just 80 days after the official announcement.

The new iOS 15 mobile operating system is definitely worth installing. This brings a completely redesigned messaging system. Additionally, the developers have taken care to reduce interference and have added spatial audio and SharePlay options to the FaceTime messaging system. The ability to recognize text in images, the ability to use digital personal documents and the ability to improve protection of our privacy online also add the finishing touches.

The new iOS 15 mobile operating system is expected to be available via an OTA (over the air) upgrade system, and will be available to all users of the latest Apple mobile devices. The device itself will inform us about the availability of the upgrade, and the battery will need to be charged at least 50 percent or connected to a charger before doing the upgrade, otherwise the update will not install. You can also check if new features are available by clicking on Settings, Normal, and Software Update.

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