Endava achieved an important milestone: 10,000 employees after…

All 12 sites in the Adriatic region, 3 of which are in Slovenia, also contributed to this rapid growth. As the number of projects continues to grow, the doors of Endava are constantly open to almost all profiles of IT professionals.

»We have reached this milestone primarily at the expense of our approach and not just because of the successes we are recording. Endava’s ultimate goal wasn’t just to become a big company. Since time immemorial, the main objective has been to have top teams capable of providing great solutions to clients. As a result, customers return with new desires, and this enables Endava, as a whole, to grow and open up career opportunities for our employees. They have the ability to take on greater responsibility and increasingly important roles in the organizationHe said John Cotterell, CEO of Endava.

Endava’s approach to building global, cross-functional teams of engineers with a broad range of knowledge and varying levels of experience allows the company to diversify and increase skills and capabilities, while increasing its ability to embrace new projects. This approach allows Endava to take full responsibility for developing complex solutions within a wide range of industries.

»Endava has also significantly increased its team in the Adriatic region and expanded its business from 2 to 12 locations in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and North Macedonia. Our experts in the region develop next generation digital signatures, new video conferencing hardware software, language learning applications, music streaming solutions, banking, and develop a variety of payment services, to name a few. We really believe in the potential that the Adriatic region has demonstrated through this rapid growth – we see a balance between a pool of IT experts, quality technical colleges, a good knowledge of languages ​​and of course a work culture. In view of all of the above and with constantly open jobs in all locations, we are proud to say that we are one of the leading employers in the IT sector in our region.“He says Remy Savo, Director of the Adriatic Region.

Remy Savo, Adriatic Region Manager

Projects in Slovenia are also proven by the fact that 10,000 members of the large “Endava family” focus on quality assurance for clients. »As the number of projects in Slovenia is growing rapidly, we are constantly looking for and hiring new IT experts in Ljubljana, Maribor and Nova Gorica. We open the door to a very wide range of IT experts, from programmers with knowledge of different programming languages, to testers, data processing experts, business analysts and project managers‘, concludes Maya Brajkovic, Director of the Business Unit Endava Slovenia.

Maya BrajkovicEndava Slovenia Business Unit Manager

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