Great LG TV for pennies!

LG Display recently introduced a special TV that looks like a slightly taller table. It has a flexible OLED display that measures 165cm or 65 inches diagonally and, when not in use, simply “rolls” into the space provided. This is a big step compared to the competition, which still offers customers “bulky” TVs with classic technology.

Their new LG OLED Evo TV is no less interesting. It is equipped with a special textile “cover” that is connected to an electric motor. In practice, this means that we can determine how much screen we will cover with the help of a dedicated remote control. So modernity easily “merging” with modern housing, and therefore it will be especially suitable for modern homes.

The LG OLED Evo TV Smart TV will easily convince lovers of multimedia content. Equipped with a screen measuring 165.1 cm or 65 inches diagonal. In addition, high-quality 80-watt speakers are available here. The new product will be sold first in South Korea, and of course it will not be cheap. Therefore, a recalculated €7423 will have to be deducted in the free sale.

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