Colorful cases for the popular PlayStation 5!

Less than a year ago, fans of the game welcomed the arrival of one of the most awaited gaming devices of all time. We are talking, of course, about the advanced gaming console Sony PlayStation 5, the demand for which is much higher than expected. For console gamers, of course, there are two versions of Sony’s new PlayStation 5 game console, the PlayStation 5 classic and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which does not have an optical drive. These are still for sale as a bet.

Many experts are convinced that the popularity of PlayStation 5 game consoles will soon increase. Sony has prepared non-monotonous official replaceable boxes for it. Namely, cans in up to five color shades are available to users. The user can choose between dark pink, light pink, violet, light blue and black. Since these are official cases, they fit perfectly with the PlayStation 5 game console and do not spoil its appearance.

Of course, the official color and replaceable cases for the PlayStation 5 are not cheap. In the United States, up to 48.8 euros must be deducted for the purchase of new housing. In Europe, such housing, of course, will be a little more expensive. Sony will display the PlayStation 5’s painted case for sale in select markets on January 14 next year.

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