Google Maps is crowded now

Wondering how crowded each location is and wanting to avoid the possibility of COVID-19 transmission? Google Maps now introduces a new in-app view.

You may have already noticed the new Google Maps functionality that comes with the latest Android and iOS app updates. Showing the public is especially useful if you’re going shopping, or going to visit some kind of kiosk, although it’s getting more and more difficult at these times.

The feature is already enabled on all phones and works in real time.

So how do you actually use it? All you have to do is open Google Maps and find the most visited points on the map (shopping malls, city centers, …). Then it is necessary to click on the displayed record “Busy area”, which is also marked in orange, surrounded by a dashed line.

At each location, the crowding status and a graph showing attendance on certain days at a given time (eg Wednesday at 8pm) are instantly displayed.

The novelty also shows the occupancy of restaurants / hostels. In this case, you need to click on the name of the hostel in the application and you will already see the current occupancy.

But how does the service work? It obtains data anonymously from map users and uses algorithms to calculate congestion by user and area (in square metres). Simply put, the more users uploaded maps in one place, the higher the congestion.

However, since almost every smartphone already has the Maps app downloaded, the service is very accurate, even in Slovenia.

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