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We spend almost a third of our lives, so it is important to choose a chair that adapts to our bodies and allows us to sit healthy. The main features to consider when choosing an ergonomic chair for the office, working from home or writing homework for schoolchildren:

The width and depth of the chair seat should be proportional to our sink.

We often overlook the importance of seat depth and the position of our pelvis while sitting. When leaning against the backrest with the entire spine, the inner part of the knees should be approximately. 5 cm. If the inside of the knee touches the chair, this can reduce blood flow.

The backrest or lower back should support us where we need it.

A good comfortable chair supports us properly in the lumbar spine, as lumbar support that is too low or too high is detrimental to our posture. However, since we are people of different sizes, it is very important that the chair has a height-adjustable backrest, as we adjust the lumbar support according to our height.


The material must breathe and dissipate heat for prolonged sitting comfort.

The fabric covering the chair should be as natural as possible to allow the leather to breathe, and at the same time of sufficient quality for many years of daily use.


The chair should allow you to sit upright and activate the muscles.

Doctors recommend sitting on a therapy ball, which activates our muscles and promotes an upright posture. Unfortunately, the ball does not provide us with any support, which leads to excessive fatigue when sitting in the evening, whether during work or study. We have developed a chair for you, which at the same time strengthens the muscles and promotes correct posture, as well as providing comfortable support and comfort during prolonged sitting.


SpinaliS, chairs for everyone with healthy lifestyle values

Satisfied users have been sitting healthier with SpinaliS chairs for 20 years, and their posture has been healthier. They are the only ones offering the comfort of modern office chairs, with a tradition of active sitting on a therapy ball, which experts recommend as the best accessory for healthy sitting.

The advantage of SpinaliS chairs is that they are easy to adjust, as we adjust both the height of the lumbar support and the height of the handles with a single function.

6 Advantages of Spinalis Tables

Children and proper sitting

Improper posture in early childhood and later in adulthood (both at school and in front of the TV screen), overweight school bags, improper diet and lack of physical activity can adversely affect the structure and development of the musculoskeletal system. (Dr. Ivica Fleis Sammak)

Children find SpinaliS chairs as fun as riding in an amusement park, and the chairs have a very positive effect on children’s health and condition. A 5-year study of SpinaliS chairs in elementary school found that children who sat in SpinaliS chairs had greater muscle activity, better focus, and success in school.

SpinaliS chairs have received many certifications for their positive health effect and have been recognized as a medical device.

You can read more information about SpinaliS as a medical device and its positive properties at or visit the sales salon at Gerbičeva 102 in Ljubljana.

With SpinaliS chairs, make more fun and healthy work in the office or from home!

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