McDonald’s with delivery robots – computer news

Everyone knows McDonald’s favorite fast food restaurant. The company has now expanded its offering to so-called “table service” with the help of autonomous robots.

Other than that, the so-called “table service” is an established practice in our neighbors (Italy, Croatia), but in our country it hardly came to the test stage.

Until now, it has been a consistent practice for a guest to enter the locator number when placing an order (when used in a self-service kiosk) and then wait for it to start vibrating when the order is ready. Now the robot will bring the food to you. The case is being tested in 5 different locations across Slovenia with 9 robots, namely in Kranj (2x), Ljubljana, Maribor and Selje.

The robot can carry up to four orders at a time (four trays), but unfortunately it is not “brought” to the table alone, but with the help of staff who also guide the robot.

Unfortunately, the bots do not speak Slovenian, only English. At McDonald’s, they plan to speak Slovenian as well, if they switch to regular use, which mainly depends on positive feedback from guests.

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